My Fitness STory!

My addiction to fitness dvds started at the ripe age of 14. It all started with a supermodels’ workout VHS! 🙂 I started out focusing all of my energy on fitness and fun through high school aka being a cheerleadeR! I remember the video well.  It was Cindy Crawford…
I remember it so well! 🙂

The whole idea of healthy eating did not kick in until college. I struggled with some poor eating habits, and it took me a little while, but i learned how to feed my body with the right foods and fuel. After college, I went through a little bit of a let down and I struggled to find my niche’ in fitness without the motivation of my college girlfriends. Then I found beachbody! I started with HipHop Abs. Shaun T got me moving and involved with Beachbody.

It wasn’t until late 2005 that I found my “soulmate workout” as she calls it, and I found Chalene Johnson and TurboJam. It seriously changed my life. Within 3 months I owned every DVD she had out and ordered more as they were released. I went from a size 8 to a size 4! In 1 year, dropped 2 sizes!


Chalene Johnson

When I heard that Chalean Extreme was going to be released, I was even more excited! I loved the idea of toning up and getting some “cut” muscles. I ordered it IMMEDIATELY and went through the 3 month cycle with the advanced DVDs. My body was unlike any other. I leaned out, did not bulk one ounce!

After my 3 months with that program, I integrated it with turbo jam and would alternate with weights and cardio.
Then I heard the amazing words… Chalene was coming out with a hyped up version of Turbo with more HIItS! I had my alarm scheduled to wake me up at midnight to order these dvds! (did i mention I was a fitness DVD addict??) To my sleep happy delight, I was able to order the dvds a few days early and have been doing them ever since! The feeling you get when you’re done with one of the TurboFire videos is unlike any other. PRESS PLAY! Just do it!!

Most recently, I just completed LEs Mills Pump. I enjoyed mixing up the training with TurboFire. I leaned out again, and my shoulders got some fantastic definition.
Since completing Pump, I’ve started Extreme again. I’m doing a “Happy Hybrid” as I call it, because it makes me very happy to know that I completed a tough workout!!

I totally understand this post is about Beachbody Products! I have tried other things with little success.  I do integrate HIITs from other blogs into my workout! I love to change things up every so often, and days that I don’t want to press play or have extra energy I will do it.  But long term, i’ve really only succeeded with these program.

These are my photos from start to today:

My STart: 2004

2009 (AFter Chalean Extreme)

Spring 2012 After Les Mills/Turbo Fire Hybrid

NOW! (I’m proud of these lil guys!)

If you want more info on my programs or how i got my body, comment below and I’ll get back to you!


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