These are a few of my favorite things….

Well, leave it to me! I start a blog and then I go MIA!?!!

Things got a little busy around here… I went to Cape Cod for a quick trip to visit my grandma, my old coworkers and a one of my besties!  When I got home, and back to work it was crazy busy! Then my dad got a horrible virus and we spent most of the day yesterday in the ER.  It would have been an ideal blog time! But no servicE!

I figured because I’m so new to this, I should share a few of my favorite things! Both food and life included!


TurboFire is my workout of choice.  I’m a cardio junkie!

I also love myself some

My body thrives off of muscle, so I love to lift!

My favorite flower:

I am obsessed with blue hydrangeas.  I found these beauties in Falmouth, MA last weekend. Stunning!!!

Time of Day:

Sunrise!!  This was taken on the Cape at the beach.  It’s one of the most peaceful and spiritual moments of the day.  There is just something about sunrise that allows you to take a true deep breath.

Kitchen tool:

I use my TopChips ALL the time!! I use a mandolin to slice up fruits and veggies, put them on the silicon tray and microwave.  PLEASE be careful of the slicing! I’ve taken off the tip of my thumb three times!  Safety first!

It takes a few tries to figure out how long you need to put the tray in the microwave to get the “right” crisp on your chips.  But once you get it, you’re obsessed.  I eat a sweet potato a day via Topchips!


Eggs and breakfast!!  I could eat eggs all day long.  Breakfast as a whole has my <3.  Eggs, pancakes, waffles, turkey bacon…

Gluten free and Vegan pasta alternative:

I had these in Santa Monica, CA at a vegan restaurant two years ago.  I was in love at first bite! I’ve never been a fan of the gfree pastas out there.  So when I found these, I was not only astounded by how crunchy they were, but also how easy it was to make them.  You can add whatever you want for flavor.  Plus, and this is a MAJOR one, the calorie count is MUCH lower than real pasta!!! score!!

Peanut Flour:

I have a tie between these two!  Pb2 was my first encounter with peanut flour.  I loved the taste and consistency of it.  Recently, I purchased the Protein Plus variety because of the cost difference.  Money is always an issue for me, so I will probably stay with the Protein Plus.  It doesn’t have added sugar or salt, so it’s just peanut flour.  I do miss my Pb2 though!  If I can ever buy it local, I’m sure I’ll buy some!  I order mine through Netrition right now.

Online Site:

If I could get paid to “pin” I would love it!! I signed up for Pinterest before it became as big as it is today.  I was so happy I wasn’t wait listed!  I love being able to follow others and get ideas about everything from fitness, motivation, to crafts and decor!  And of course outfit ideas! Every time I “Pin” an outfit, I feel the need to shop.  TROUBLE!!

Follow me on


I very rarely buy anything full price!  I’m always looking for a deal.  Except for pants.  I have to buy those at full price.  I guess it’s the cost for being 5 foot 1!  I shop for almost everything at Marshalls, including FOOD!

I’m sure i’m missing a bunch of things, but this is a good start! 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your Saturday!!!


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