Giveaway RemindER!!!

Hey all,
Just a friendly reminder!  You have until Thursday 8/9/12 to enter the Giveaway for Protein Plus Peanut Flour!!

I’ll give you a quick info session on the goods!


Product Nutritional_Info

Peanut flour is derived from blanched, roasted peanuts.  Peanut flour can replace peanut butter where you want to control fat!  It’s very easy to work with!  It’s naturally gluten-free and adds that peanut butter flavor to your baked goods, or even mixed with a banana!  It’s MUCH less in fat than it’s parent alternative!

I usually mix mine with half a banana and use it as a topping on rice/corn cakes.  I also have added it to my Shakeology and protein pancakes!

To enter all you have to do is click LIKE on my facebook page and tell me how you would use the PB flour!!! EASY as that!!

*Open to US Residents only**


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