So how do i use this peanut flour???

I am obsessed with this stuff.  Probably because I’m in love with peanut butter in general.  However, I try to limit my intake due to the caloric and fat grams!  Tell me if I’m right here, ladies, but I have somewhat of a problem with portion control?  I can’t stop eating peanut butter!  The whole idea of 2 Tablespoons is never enough!

When I first heard about Pb2 and Peanut flour, I had to try it!  I can’t buy the stuff around here, so I’ve been ordering it for over a year now.  You can buy it pretty much anywhere, however I have had the best luck with and

I’ve received a few questions on how to use Peanut Flour?! How can I not use Peanut Flour? Well there are a few things I wouldn’t add it, salsa for example. bleh!

You can add it to smoothies, puddings, yogurt, you can make cookie dough, oatmeal, ice cream, waffles or pancake mix, baked goods, you name it!  I’ve heard that some people replace it for their flours. However, having worked with other gluten free flours, go cautiously with this one.  Most baked goods need xanatham gum without the gluten.

I usually mix it with a banana for a breakfast topping, or I’ll add it to my baking for extra peanut flavoring.  However, you can go beyond that!! I’ve even added it to sauces for stir fry’s! I think i saw that once on Iron Chef and it stuck!

It’s a great source of protein too without the added fat!

Product Nutritional_Info
I’ll be sure now that I’ve got the hang of this blogging business to post some recipes as I go!  🙂

Are you Gluten Free? Do you have a favorite flour or flour mix that you bake with? 


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