August Foodie Pen Pal

Yah! I can FINALLY reveal my August Foodie Pen Pal!! 🙂

I follow MANY blogs, and I have seen the Foodie Pen Pals that Lindsay over at started.  I have always been intrigued by the idea of getting a box of goodies.  Plus, who doesn’t love a care package???!!???

I participated this month and got a FABULOUS box from Kyle over at .  She put together a wonderful box from her lovely state, and this one i’m JEALOUS of!! Hawaii!!! 🙂  Honolulu, Hawaii to be exact!

I arrived home a two Fridays ago and there was a box on my doorstep!!  I think i could actually smell Hawaii! So i decided to suck in the scents of the ocean.  I’m a nerd!

Then I got to open all the carefully wrapped goodies!! Inside was a fantastic selection of local goodies!

I loved the notepaper!! I always love a High Five! 🙂

Kyle wanted to give me some variety, not just foods.  She sent me their “native” fruit cookie cutter!  I know this will come in handy with my gluten free baking!  I’m finally getting some recipes that I NEED to try.  Plus, I love to bake in the fall!

She also sent me some local soaps.  I have a cadre of soaps from all over in my bathroom.  One can never have too many to choose from!  I am obsessed with coconut, and I have a sneaking suspicion there must be coconut oil in these!!

I don’t know how she did it too, but Kyle must have known I’m not the most responsible person with my cell phone and I have frizzy hair!  These two items are locally made and will come in VERY HANDY!! She sent me an adorable pin with a flower on it!  Great for girls with flyaways, aka ME!!  Then the other flower is something I have never heard of!  It is a pin that goes into your cell phone to protect the slot for the earbuds!??! Have you heard of this?? It’s genius!!!!

The next photo is my foodie items!  She sent me local coffee, macadamia nuts and honey.  I get local honey here (in NY)  A LOT!  I love to bake with it!!  I can’t wait to try it either.  There must be different floral notes from Upstate NY!!!  I ❤ any type of peanut variety!!! And I am OBSESSED with coffee.  I drink way too much.  (Hence, all the !!!!s)

Kyle could NOT have done a better job in preparing this box for me!!


Have you ever participated in the Foodie Pen Pals?? 

What's your favorite Care Package item you ever received??? 

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