Muscle Memory and why I’m taking a “break”

Dear Soulmate Workout, it’s not you, it’s me… I think we need some time apart so I can only appreciate you more later.

I have just ordered P90X, eeek!!!  If you read my “about me” you would know I’ve been doing TurboFire for the last 3 1/2 years, and TurboJam/Chalean Extreme since early 2006.  But, I am pretty sure that my body has plateaued.  So I have decided to change things up a bit and SHOCK MY BODY.

Have you ever heard of muscle memory?  Wikipedia defines Muscles Memory as a form of procedural memory that involved consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition.  Basically, the more you do it the better you get at it!  Which can definitely make your fitness routine easier, but less effective over time.

***I am by no means less muscular, but i’m finding it’s harder to keep this up right now!***

Common misconception!!! Muscle memory doesn’t live in your muscles though!! Lives in your brain!!  Sneaky little brains.  In my research, Tipitout‘s blog says it best “muscle memory is memory for our muscles, rather than in.” Repeated movements create a memory in our brain for that.  In essence, the videos I do over and over again are ‘easier’ because I know the routines like the back of my hand. I TRY to focus on what I’m doing and not letting my mind wander.  However, I have my moments like when I’m driving a route I drive over and over again.  I wonder how I got there?  Sometimes in my workouts, I will blink and it’s over.  I was thinking about something else and not focusing on the movement or muscle.

Most people will notice muscle memory or a plateau when they weight stops coming off.  I don’t have a weight loss need, but I have noticed that my body will go “soft”.  I can do the same ab routines over and over again and no change in the muscles.  Muscle Memory!

Aren’t our bodies amazing creatures??

In the world of fitness, you have to challenge your body to see results.  I have stopped being sore. I actually miss being sore!!  Heck, a month ago I could barely lift my arms after doing Chalean Extreme!! And when I first started TurboFire, I remember my legs killing me after Hiit days!!

The wonderful news is that it’s easy to change this!  Change your routine!!!! 🙂

I also think it’s good to change your routine so you don’t get bored.  If you get bored, you will almost always set yourself up for failure.  Keep it interesting.  Fitness shouldn’t be forced, you should enjoy what you’re doing.  I enjoy challenging myself.  If it’s hard, it almost always makes me work HARDER!

I’ll be blogging about my routines and success through P90X!!!  More to come!! 

PS, Soulmate workout, i will only be gone for 90 days! I already have a plan for you to be reintroduced!!

Have you ever had to change your workout routine due to plateau??

Have you ever tried P90X??


8 thoughts on “Muscle Memory and why I’m taking a “break”

  1. what an insightful post! i have heard of this, and i just experienced it myself! its amazing how our muscles can react to one little tweak! i was lifting all the time and never felt much muscle ache at all. i started to do yoga for the first time, and it was amazing how sore i was right away! i never ever expected that!! happy monday and spa love!

    • Thanks Jenna!!! I did some of those Barre workouts and thought “oh i can do this”. WRONG!!! My butt and thighs were crying!! Are you doing yoga more frequently now? I’ve always wondered how people can stay in shape just doing yoga? That must be the cardio junkie in me!

  2. Muscle memory! I’d forgotten about him. And absolutely. I’ve never tried P90X, but when I know I’m starting to hit a plateau, I try to mix it up by changing my workouts (more HIIT stuff), moving my weights around/changing the exercises I do and en change the time of day I do it.

    Hope it works for you 🙂

  3. I think it’s important to change things up, and you know after 90 days your brain will probably have “forgotten” about Turbo Fire and ChaLean Extreme and you’ll be sore all over again so your love affair can continue 😉

    As a Zumba instructor sometimes I will purposely change a routine I’ve been doing a while just to see who can roll with it, and who it screws up (and those who refuse to even try to do it differently). It’s very interesting because some people don’t seem to notice at all, others know something is wrong and get “stuck” and are unable to do anything, and the rest totally ignore me and do what I normally do!

  4. you are so right about the need to focus – i wrote a post on that a few weeks back and have really noticed improvements since taking my own advice.

    P90X rocks -you are going to love it! before i started my competition training, i was using the DVDs a few times a week.

    • Thanks Laura!! I’ve really missed lifting and strength training. I think my body needs a break from the 6 days of cardio! I’m going to have to break my “habit” of thinking i need to do it everyday though! lol! Are you a Beachbody coach?? or did you just do the program?

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