Pinterest testing!

I’ve been a member of Pinterest for a while now!  I remember everyone saying they had to be on a waiting list!  I was so confused, I must have gotten an account early on!??

If i could make a career of pinning, I would!  I love it!! I have boards for gluten and dairy free stuff, decor, products, and crafts.  You can follow my board at Eiren !

I was a little bored yesterday afternoon, and rather than go out and spend $$, I decided to use what I have and make some things!!  No baking, still scares me!

First up was my second attempt at Laura @Sprint2theTable‘s Cauliflower Crust.  I’ve had good luck with Caralyn’s @GlutenFreeHappyTummy version.  However, when I saw that Kasey @Powercakes did one with Coconut flour, i had to test it again!  My first trial with coconut flour was a big flop!  Broke right apart.  This time, we had success!!!

If it looks green, it’s because I used green cauliflower.  My question… why is there green cauliflower?  Isn’t that the equivalent of broccoli?? Oh well, I bought it anyways!



Loved this!! I didn’t end up using it as a pizza crust because I like to dip it like an old school breadstick!  OOOH side note: that’s the one thing I miss from college.  Not caring about what you ate at 1 am, and that included breadsticks from Dominos!!!  Dipped in anything!  Oh dear!  okay, back to healthy food that’s ALLOWED on my gluten/dairy free lifestyle!!

My second recipe attempt was also a third attempt!  Caralyn @GlutenFreeHappyTummy made Cauliflower cupcakes.  The first time I made these, they worked great, but stuck to the pan a little.  I also made them with protein powder in place of the almond meal.  Second time, I accidentally left them in the oven and then turned the broiler on. Whoops.  Just a little beyond my usual crispy likes!  This time, I decided to PAY ATTENTION and use cupcake liners.  FINALLY!!!!  I also followed the recipe and used almond flour!



My third recipe was a new one!! I saw this yesterday morning and it looked SO good!!!  I love quinoa because it’s not a grain! xoxo!!  Heart Protein!!  And I LOVE, LOVE LOVE sweet potatoes!! I probably eat too many of them?? Oh well!!  I saw these Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes on Danielle’s Clean Food Creative Fitness Blog.  It caught my eye because she mentioned the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  Have you heard of Karena and Katrina?? LOVE them! So Inspiring!!  I have been using the TIU plan for the last few years.  I’ve had great success, but have slacked a little with Meal 5.  Did I say i liked sweet potato?? Well these sweet potato cakes looked yummy, and I had all the ingredients!!

I think I used a potato that was larger than normal, because I got about 8 patties.  I also have a great tip for quinoa!  Do you always burn your quinoa on the bottom of the pan??  Place 1 Part Quinoa, 2 part liquid in pan, boil for 5 minutes, turn off the burner, cover and leave there for 15 minutes! Perfectly fluffy Quinoa!



These were delicious!!! i would recommend them to anyone!!!!  🙂  Thank you DaniellE!

My last attempt was my lunch!!  I love Kristin @Stuftmama‘s blog!  First, because she’s a mom of twins!!  And second because her recipes are amazing!!!  I have tried her “Goo” before, and LOVE IT!!!  This recipe was for her Flatout Bowl but I used a gluten free Rudi’s Tortilla!  It’s really easy!!  Cinnamon, Tortilla and oven= genius!  I added my own version of her “Goo” with Kabocha squash, SunWarrior Vegan Protein Powder, cranberries, a chopped Crimson Crisp apple, and a dash of oriental 5 spice.



This meal was amazing!!!!  Healthy and so yummy! It was like fall in a shell!! 🙂  Plus, can I just give props to Rudis!  Finally a gluten free wrap that’s not over 150 calories!!!

Are you a Pinner??? 

Do you Pin and never make anything???


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