Day 1! P90x starts NOW!

Yah!! Today was my first day of P90X!!! As of this very moment, I think this is a program that I am going to LOVE!!!  I love to feel strong.  Even though I can barely feel my arms right now.  No more push ups please!!  I did Chest/Back and then was supposed to do Ab Ripper X.  I cheated and did Abs yesterday.  I love that ab workout.  It was just hard enough to get my belly a shakin’.  Something it has not done in a while!

The one thing I think I am going to have trouble with is the lack of cardio.  I am used to doing cardio at least 6 x week, and sometimes every 7 with one being an easy cardio.  I very rarely take rest days.  Tony Horton encourages rest days.  Eeek!  Addiction will need to be broken!  I’m going to have to transition out of my addiction, so I did do a Low HIIT 20 from TurboFire.

Back to the workout!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a chin up bar yesterday when I was out, so I had to use the door bands that I have to do the faux pull ups.  I loved the workout!  I was afraid of the push ups after about minute 40!  hehe!  I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to feel my chest tomorrow.  Or if i do, i’ll be in a bit of pain!

After my workout, we went to Barnes & Noble, where I went on search of a Paleo book.  I think it’s time… Changing my workout, changing my job, might as well change the diet too!  I’ve had a lot of tummy troubles that have been ‘sort of’ resolved through my gluten and dairy free lifestyle.  However, I still have some issues.  I have also read that Paleo is great for folks with hypothyroidism.  I don’t the hypothyroidism most do though, I was born without a thyroid.  But i’ll try anything!  Especially if it’s not medicinal.  I hate medicines!  Might be because I have to take medicine every day!

So I found a book that I am going to buy, Practical Paleo by Balanced Bites.  This book look like it has it all!! I’m just going to order it online, as it will be much cheaper!  Plus, I’m not a waster.  I’ve got to go through the rest of the food that I have bought before I give it up.  No need to throw things out.  It wouldn’t be fair to those Marshmallows 😛

So of course, after saying I want to go Paleo, I found this!!!  The most amazing Gingerbread Vegan Gluten Free Whoopie Pie at the local Harvest Fair in downtown Albany.

I don’t typically “treat” myself, because if I’m going to, I want to make it worth it! This was well worth it!!  Amazing!!!!  I only had a little bit because it was huge, but it was sooooo goood!!!!!!  Yummy!!

Got home this afternoon and helped put together a workout program for my dad.  And then did my own little ab work to make up for the Ab Ripper I did yesterday.  Proof below!  I don’t know how I held thiS! My whole body was shaking.  I did distract myself by going through my instagram feed with one hand!  😛

I also got in a beautiful walk with my lovely friend Fumble this afternoon!  It is finally cool enough to walk him outside in the afternoon! Yah!! It was 65 degrees, so we went for a quick 15 minute walk.  If you know Fumble, you know that’s enough for him!  He’s currently passed out as I’m writing this.  Snoring loud enough to shake the floor…

Have you ever eaten the Paleo lifestyle??

How did you spend your lovely Sunday???


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