P90 X Day 3-5 and a lil thing that made me smile!

Happy Friday!!!  I hope you are all looking forward to the end of the week!!  Being unemployed, I am off kilter with the days.  They sort of seem to run into one another!!?!  Anyone had this problem when you’re home for a long period of time? I cannot wait to get back to work!!  Something has to work out!  I’m getting ants in my pants hanging around the house trying to not spend $$.  Although, I did treat myself to a new pair of workout pants.  I mean exercising is my occupation right now!!  It’s in essence a tax right off for my Coaching business!  😛

What do you think?  Yah, or Nah?? I have been wanting a pair of printed workout pants for the longest time.  However, they are so expensive.  Where do people get the $$ to buy these beautiful workout clothes?  Well, I found mine for $25 at JCpenney.  Have you been to JCP lately?? They actually have some beautiful clothes!!!  Highly recommend!!

So my P90X adventure continues!!

Day 3 was Yoga X.  It was over an hour long, and I’ve never been someone to sit for that long for a workout.  I can typically do an hour with one video and then I get bored with it.  Well, I decided to challenge myself!  I got about 3/4 of the way through the video and I was trying to be all “yoga zen” master.  I used to be a cheerleader, and I pride myself on stretching and flexibility, especially with all the fitness I do.  Don’t think you’re a master at something you’re not.  You will get hurt.  I did!  Well, at about the 3/4 mark I felt a bit of a “tweak” in my back. I throw my back out every 6 months, no fail… seriously, even 6 months!  I fell off a horse when I was 9 and ever since then, it just happens.  I’ve been to many rounds of PT, they said get a 6 pack, work your core.  Have you seen my abs?? I’ve worked them to their max!!!  I can’t do anymore!  Still happens.  I digress, back to Yoga X.  I stopped at that point, and felt okay.  About 3 hours later it happened, threw my back out.  Thank heavens I found a relief tool, the foam roller.  I was able to foam roll out the spasms and rest for the remainder of the day.

Day 4- Back and Legs.  I bought a chin up bar at Target the other day.  I have a band that goes behind the door to simulate the exercise, but if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.  I “tested” myself.  I got to 1 chin up. 1.  But if my theory of we hate the exercises because they’re hard is true, this should pan out like push ups.  I used to hate push ups.  Now I love them.  I love them because I can do them!  Fingers crossed.
For now this lil fella will remain the bane of my back’s existence.  and I WILL be using a chair!!

The legs portion of the workout weren’t horrible.  HARD, yes, but not unbearable!!  I did enjoy doing lower body for a change.  Oh, and we had to do Wall Sits.  I remember wall sits from cheering days!!  My thighs were SHAKING!!!  I forgot that I had to do AbRipperX yesterday, but I did a plank instead.  Made it 5 minutes! yah!!!  I don’t know how people go longer.  I had some sweat dripping and I was shaking when my timer went off.

Today was KenpoX.  Kenpox was more of cardio/martial arts video.  I wore my heart rate monitor, but it took a solid 20 minutes for me to really get that heart a pumpin. I can cardio kickbox, nothing new there.  I definitely tried to use my core and get down into the moves to make it more intense.  I’m not sure if I will alternate some other cardio on these KenpoX days to make my cardio day a little more difficult.  Still up in the air!

I’ll let you know how the rest of the week goes!  1 Day left of this week.  I’ve also been eating pretty clean.  I seem to be going through one Kabocha squash every 2 days though!?? It’s probably cause I’m home to roast it!

Here are my abs results so far.  I took these for #flex_friday for instagram! I mentioned on Facebook that I don’t like to take photos of my abs from the side.  I am bloated about 99% of the time.  I am flat until about 2 hours after I get up in the morning and then the lower belly goes! “They” (the doctors) say it’s my IBS.  The only way to fix it is to cut out most of the foods that I LOVE to eat.  So I say no.  I, sort of, have an idea of what reacts best and what my body doesn’t like.  Obviously, dear gluten, I am just not that into you.  And I know that dairy is pretty similar.  Now, i’ve pinpointed the main culprit as sugar.  I try to stay away from it as much as possible.  Even having a strawberry after dinner can sometimes cause a chain reaction the next day. 

**PS, that bottom right, was I smiling or gritting my teeth??**

And my Yah Happy News!!  (It’s the little things..) I snack on Happy Baby Puffs.  I was with my best friend one day and she was eating her son’s baby snacks while she was in the process of feeding him.  I thought for a moment that was very odd.  I couldn’t taste them for myself because they were not gluten free.  One day while walking through Target, I noticed a display for “Happy Baby Puffs“.  I read the back of the Gluten Free Sweet Potato ones and I thought to myself, I don’t like a lot of the gfree crackers or treats out there, this may work.  I bought them and have been eating them ever since.  That was 6 months ago!!  I know they were started by a family that wanted healthy, organic snacks.  If they’re good enough for a baby, they can’t harm my 29 year old body!  They only had the Strawberry and Sweet Potato variety Gfree.  To my awe and surprise, they now carry the Banana and Green Puffs in Gfree!!! 🙂

I completely 100% understand if you think I’m crazy for eating them!  But they are like a little crunch to certain foods where granola or cereal used to be!

Is there something that you eat that typically adults or other people would think was strange??

What were your workouts for the week? 

Do you own a pair of printed workout pants?  If so, where did you get them and what do they look like? 


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