Lots of Self Challenges!

Phew, I just realized i’ve been busy this month holding myself accountable!!

First, since 11/1/12, I have been Eating Clean!  Do you eat clean?  I belong to a fabulous team with Beachbody and my Sponsor/Coach, Meg organized an Eat Clean challenge for the entire month for her coaches.  It has been amazing! I post all of my meals each day on the Facebook group!  Phew! It has certainly kept me going.  My only treats were a few bites of tortilla chips, all natural!

Here are a few of my IG shots!

I have LOVED this Challenge because I feel like I can’t cheat! And if i do, even for a small snack, I have a log that it’s okay because I’ve been doing so well!

I also took part in Tone it Up’s #HolidayHottie Challenge!  Karena & Katrina (love them!) put together a challenge for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  It started off with workouts every day the first week, and the second week they posted their 2adays and did the 5 Day Slimdown.  Because of my FRESH move, I still don’t have all my kitchen stuff, so i didn’t take part 100% in the slimdown! Although, I did follow my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! 🙂  It was great!! i definitely tones and flattened right up! Between eating clean and the #Holidayhottie, i definitely feel much better! A LOT less bloated!

These are just a few!!!  There were a LOT!! Now, I must admit, I also continued on with my P90X!  I’m almost done by the way!!!  1 month to go! 😛  But the second week was my “rest” week for P90X, so it was easy to integrate these into the workouts!  It was actually a nice little hybrid.  I love to switch things up.  It keeps things interesting for me.

I also loved this challenge because K&K also asked us to list our Intentions.  We had to map out what our short and long term goals were.  I think this is a fabulous reminder, because while I know what I want to “do”, if I have it documented I am a whole heck of a lot more motivated to do it.  Especially now that I instagramed it!!!

Now onto my next challenge!!!!

I CANNOT wait to participate in this one!! Elle of Nutritionella, and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean have joined forces to keep everyone healthy during the holiday season!

This is going to be a sex week challenge run from Thanksgiving to January.  There will be daily tasks, prizes, newsletters and accountability!  It’s going to be a team challenge for sure!!!  Elle and Lindsay are going to team up “elves” to work together.  Your elf will change through the 6 weeks too.  It is going to be a GREAT way to meet other like minded people out there and network.  Check out either of the blogs listed for more info, or how to sign up.  You don’t need to be a blogger!

I also realized another new group that I’ve been honored to be a part of, and have completely lost track of putting on my page!!  I was accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador a little while ago.  It was such an honor being chosen, and I feel blessed to be included in such a fantastic group of women.

“Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves.”

Ambassadors have a passion for inspiring others on their journey to a healthy lifestyle!  I am a firm believer that strong is the new skinny, and that women need to be empowered to be beautiful in their own skin!  We don’t need to be rail thin, or look like the models on the magazine covers.  We just need to be us and be happy, while living a fulfilled life including happiness and health!

If you have the same philosophy, you might make a great Ambassador!  You can check out the info on http://www.fitapproach.com/sweat-pink-ambassadors/ They have applications that you can fill out during open acceptance times! Keep your eyes on the blog!  This is a fabulous community for women to feel supported by other women!

And i got some amazing swag!! PS Thank you FitApproach Founders Jamie and Alyse for the super soft tank! and I LOVE my pink laces!! 😛

Do you join into any challenges via the internet?? If so, which ones?

Do you SweatPink?  Or do you belong to another Healthy Group online??



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