The art of a handwritten note….

I know I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be taking part in #Efl4Health Challenge being done by Nutritionella and TheLeanGreenBean.  It started yesterday with #meatless Monday! Love that by the way.  My day started off with egg whites and pb flour mixed with banana on top of corn thins!  Lunch was my GIANT SALAD that i made with Kabocha Squash and lots of veggies a top Butter Lettuce, Spinach and Watercress (PS< watercress has loads of calcium!). Then on top of that was Powercakes tahini nooch sauce (this has become my new obsession).  Dinner was my Shakeology waffles, which is usually a staple of the day!!

I am loving seeing everyone’s posts on instagram!  It’s so amazing that these two gals have an amazing following!! And even more than that, an amazingly supportive following!  🙂

Today’s challenge is write a handwritten note to a friend. I love this idea.  And I just wanted to blog about it really quick.  There is an art to writing a handwritten note.

No, not the Emily Post, 3 sentence thank you, etc, but an art.  I call it an art, because it’s rare and individual nowadays.  In our age of emails and texts we have lost sight of what it is like to actually sit down, write a note, put a stamp on it, and send it.  And even more than that, there is an amazing experience that happens now when a person receives a letter.  For example, to those in college or that went away to college.  Don’t you remember the feeling you got when you received your care packages from your parents.  To me, it was reminiscent of curling up with a hot cup of chocolate, warming….  Almost like, you know you’re loved.  Not just because of the contents, but because of the thought behind it.

I have a lot of cards from my best friends through the years.  Especially the ones that I received during a really hard time in my life.  I will sometimes go back and re-read those words to just remind myself that I have support.  Even though they were written years ago, the words are still true.  People are also more apt to keep cards.  I don’t keep emails.  I will “save” them, but then I lose them amongst the other saved ones… words are lost…. And kind words written by family and friends should NOT be lost in a cloud of technology.

Well, my point is write a note or card to someone!  If you say thank you to someone else, write a thank you note!  It will mean so much more!!!  Write a note to just say hello to a friend, write a thank you to your grandparents, write a just because card to your parents.  The feeling that you will give them well outweighs the small cost of a stamp!!

Are you a card/note writer??

What is the BEST card you ever received??

What’s your favorite place to get cards?


One thought on “The art of a handwritten note….

  1. nutritionella says:

    I really need to write notes more often but I just love getting them. I have a couple of friends in particular who are note-writers and it really makes my day when I get a little card in the mail from them!

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