#beTRUEtoYOU Challenge

Okay, so between #holidayhottie and #elf4health, I am a challenge queen! 😛

And i’m not done yet…

This is an amazing challenge that’s being done by Kasey, at Powercakes!  If you follow my IG, you know that i love to test her recipes as i’m gluten/dairy free an mostly vegetarian.  She has a great combo of delicious flavors, and things that, on my own, I would have never thought of!

Well, Kasey is doing an amazing Challenge called #beTRUEtoYOU !

Kasey has a similar frame of reference as I do… like snowflakes (PS it snowed in Maine today for the first time! yah! :P), we are all different.  And instead of trying to conform to a trend, or do something someone else has done, we should embrace ourselves!  That can mean our bodies, our diet, fitness, personality traits (i’m quirky! :P), etc… You name it.  #beTRUEtoYOU!

In this challenge she asks… how are you true to yourself?

Wow, what a loaded question for me!!  If you’ve read my past blog posts you will know, that it took me a LONG time to find out who I am and be okay with that.  After struggling with disordered eating, the loss of my mom, my stupid health issues…It has been really difficult to find out and remember who I am, and what makes me happy!  I think in those struggles you almost lose a part of yourself.  It takes some serious self-reflection to come back to life.  I mean you’re always breathing, but not really living.  Sort of floating through life.

I think the BEST image that I have as proof for the #beTRUEtoYOU challenge has to be a photo I took this past summer.  It was a trip I took to Cape Cod, and I remember being out on the beach, by myself, at Sunrise.  I used to live on Cape Cod and my BEST thinking moments were at the beach.  I was out in West Dennis alone on the beach, and of course I was playing around. I leaned my lovely iphone on a lifeguard stand and took some jumping photos.  Yes, they are silly (my personality again!), but I also love them because this was the exact trip and moment that I decided I was going to STOP holding myself back.  Two years ago, I moved to a place that I didn’t know anyone, and even now, still barely knew anyone. I was ready to get my life started.  This was the morning I decided I was going to move.  I was going to stop saying it, and do it!  AND I did!!
1 month later, i put my notice into work, and a month and a half after that… Today, here i am!  Sitting in my house in Maine!  Yes, i still have struggles ahead, ie finding a job!  BUT, as I said in a post a few weeks ago… “dear happiness… i’ve missed you, welcome home”.  The happiness far outweighs the struggles ahead.

If you have a little faith, it can go a long way… Proof that everything happens for a reason.

I also want to just reiterate what i’ve said before in posts, and what Kasey is talking about in regards to everyone being different.  I am living proof of this.  I am an identical twin.  IDENTICAL.  We share the exact same DNA.  Our adult teeth even grew in the EXACT SAME WAY!  (yah, we even confused the orthodontist! Hehe).

  But, my sister and I are completely different in our adult lives.  We have VERY different body types. Where she can eat what she wants, I have gluten/dairy intolerance. You can’t compare yourself to someone else, or try to be like them.  Stop comparing, and just be the BEST YOU!  Find out what makes you tick, what makes you happy, who you are… and embrace it.  I am an odd duck, i have a quirky sense of humor, i have a dog that outweighs me for heavens sake!  I am okay with all of that.  Don’t get me wrong, it took me a LONG time to be okay with it, but i finally am!  And you should be too… because in the end, you’ll feel so much butter on the inside, and you’ll exude that confidence on the outside.  And confidence, my dears, is sooooo much more attractive than any size on a label!


Do you compare yourself to other people? 

What is your favorite thing about yourself! (physical, personality..)?


One thought on “#beTRUEtoYOU Challenge

  1. Molly says:

    I stumbled across your blog through Instagram 🙂 I’m gluten-free too, so I’m excited to check out your gluten free/dairy free recipes!

    I think it’s easy to compare yourself to others, but I try to remember the things I love about myself – how much I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things, that I’m able to run faster and farther than I ever have been before, I like my smile etc. They are small things, but they make me who I am.

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