P90X final review and progress….

Hey all!!! I hope you all are having a safe day out there.  Weather has been a bit crazy as of late!!??? Tornadoes, storms, blizzards!  Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh MY!

It’s snowing here today.  Perfect day to cuddle up (after a workout of course!)!!

I wanted to give a quick review of P90X, as last week was my last day of the 90 day Classic Cycle.

My Start shots aren’t great “start” shots because my start was about 7 years ago.  These are my progress photos post Chalean Extreme.


I did really well with Extreme, as it is one of my favorite programs of all time.  Heavy weight and slow reps!  I feel like i’m safer that way with form.  Especially considering i’m sort of a klutz and get hurt easily.

So… anywho…here are my progress shots from P90X.

p90x final 1p90x final 2

Pros: This program is very simple to follow once you learn the basics.  You keep log sheets of every workout so you know how many and weight size weights you did for each move.  I HIGHLY recommend keeping this log.  It will help you not only during the quick changeover between moves, but also help you to PUSH past your last goal.  I had MANY a time when I saw my last push up number and said to myself “Eiren, you can go 5 more!” (yes, i talk to myself out loud when working out!).  Guess what, 9/10 i did the extra 5!  They weren’t easy, but I challenged myself.  I did the 12-15 reps as I was not looking to bulk.  Tony gives a great option for bulk vs lean for the users.

There is also a great variety in the videos.  You change them up every 30 days, so you really can’t get bored.  And there are two “rest” days, but one is yoga and the other is stretch.  So you give your body ample time to recover.  **Side note, i don’t take many rest days.  My rest days are a different form of exercise, like pilates or a less intense cardio.  I know that I can end up sedentary on days i’m not active, so i push to make sure i get some type of fitness in.  Even if it’s a good walk.

I liked the cardio videos from the dvds, however I found them a little less challenging than my TurboFire workouts.  If i’m going to give an hour of fitness, I want to KILL IT. If i put on the clothes, i MAKE THE EFFORT!  About 1/4 of the way through the program I switched and ended up doing a hybrid with TurboFire for cardio.

If you like to be entertained, Tony is a complete goof ball in the video.  He definitely made me laugh the first few times!  You can always put the video on prompt too, so you don’t have to hear them count.

Cons:  The videos are long.  If you have an hour a day, then I would do the classic.  Otherwise, you will be doing almost 2 hours of work.  It’s a LOT of dedication, but it’s totally possible if you have the drive and ambition to dedicate to it.  The other con is the ab ripper x video.  While this DVD is HARD.  I like to do more than one ab video per week. I did incorporate some of my other abs dvds into the mix.  Plus, i like to get some back work.  This is what I really enjoyed Core Synergistics.  The DVD was done during the “rest” weeks between sessions.  I loved to do it because my low back is always is need of strengthening.  I did notice a little increase in my love handle area… 😦  I’m working it off now!

The con i had was the damn pull ups.  This is A SELF-CON.  I was frustrated with myself because I couldn’t do them.  I ended up getting a back injury and then went to the bands on the door for that move. I also then injured my shoulder when we moved to Maine, so I don’t think my results are completely accurate because the push ups became really hard with a bicep tendon strain.  OVERALL:
Overall, I would grade P90X a solid A.  I think it’s a phenomenal program, and one that I will certainly keep in my library (a very large one) of fitness DVDs.  I probably will go back to it eventually.  I get bored easily, so that’s the joy of the Beachbody programs.  You can mix and mingle them.  It’s like dating! 😛 You never break up, you’re just on a break!
I think it’s a great program and would recommend it!!!!

What’s next for me?? Well if you follow my IG and Facebook, I’m moving onto Les Mills Combat w a hybrid of Chalean Extreme.  For my body type, i was in the BEST shape of my life doing Chalean Extreme.  So it’s back to that, and I will integrate it on the HIIT days of Les Mills Combat.

I am LOVING this program!  It is not as much tuck jumps as TurboFire, but it is NO JOKE!  I am covered in sweat post workout and am seeing my body lean right down… in 1 week!!

Happy progressing to you!!!



Have you tried P90X??

Are you always trying date new workouts?  Or do you like to stay with the same program??


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