Listening to a miracle.

I have always been a geek at heart.  I love to read.  However, lately cannot seem to find much time to just sit and enjoy a book.  I know that come summer i can plant my bum in a beach chair and zen out to the sea in the background with a page turner.  Until then, i have to come up with some creative alternatives.  One of which is BOOKS on tape…. I age myself, now they are books on my iphone!

One of the best books that i read/heard a couple of months ago was by Gabby Bernstein, Spirit Junkie.

This book helped me to really come to terms with some of the fears that i had and really know that if i love myself and others first that i can succeed and accomplish whatever i put my mind to.  hmm… maybe i should listen to it again?  Do you ever re-read a book?

Well… I have been having a tough time balancing life lately and struggling to cope with stressors.  Oddly enough, as soon as i  thought about doing something about it, i got a new email – a blog post from Gabby on her NEW BOOK, Miracles Now.  I often read self-help books that will provide some great tips, but nothing concrete that i can apply in my daily life.  Now, i have JUST started listening/reading this book as of last week!  But, in the short time that i have been listening, i can tell you that Gabby provides some amazing tools, tips, and meditations that you can apply to your life TODAY, right now, this very instant!!  Each tip is a “Miracle Message” and she provides a # for you to pass it on!!

I am almost sad that i didn’t purchase this book in a hard copy.  I think the next time I venture over to the bookstore I am going to purchase a copy, that way I can highlight my favorite messages and have the meditations available when I need them most.

Do you ever read any self-help books?

If so, what’s your favorite?


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