A lil bitty about me!!

Hey all,

I am an almost 30 something who works in the Non-profit  world.  I am usually referred to as the “little girl with the big dog”.

I have a very serious passion for health and wellness.  I am a fitness lover, and enjoy a great workout almost daily!  I love that girls CAN lift weights without bulking up!  I also like a dash of cardio thrown in there! ;P

I’m also gluten and dairy free (not by choice, i miss you yogurt!), so my diet is pretty strict.  Don’t want to have any unnecessary reactions… try to avoid those as much as possible!

I am an Independent Beachbody Coach.  I am just a real girl, with a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness world.  I’d be honored if someone would let me help them on their journey.  I am a natural born cheerleader, and am more than happy to help give you a good kick start and assist you on your own journey to a “Well & Happy Life”.  I believe the two go hand in hand!

A quick BIO on me?

I’m an identical twin! However, we look more like sisters than we do twins.  I’m convinced it’s due to the hair, ie dyes and cuts!  I love her more than anything, she is my best friend and my soulmate.  She lives across this big ole’ US of A in California, and I miss her terribly!

Currently, I live with my dad (yes, i said it…) in upstate NY.  I moved in with him shortly after our mother passed away.  😦  She was such a strong soul, I miss her every day, but know that she is out of pain and watching over my little family from heaven.  She will always be an inspiration to me through her courage and strength.  **I will meet her in every sunset and sunrise… and I will ALWAYS carry her heart in my heart**

 I moved here from Cape Cod, MA and am now working at a local Non-Profit organization.  I have a passion for helping others!  I knew getting into this I wouldn’t make a boat load of $$, but my heart would be full!  I do want to go back to school soon to get my Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education.  It will happen, it’s just a matter of timing!

I graduated from a small college in Western MA in 2005.  While I was there, I met the best girlfriends a gal could ever ask for.  I miss them A LOT and don’t see them often enough due to location, family commitments and travel involved.  But when we are together, we have the knack of falling right in where we left off… like time never existed.

In regards to the “Big Dog” comment… I own an almost 185 lb Newfoundland.  He was my graduation gift from college, and it my heart!  He taught me such responsibility!  He’s an old man now, but I love him so much!  Drool and all!!

**A lil disclaimer to the end this long “about me”.  I’m not a personal trainer or a chef! I actually burn more than I succeed in the kitchen!  I’m just giving you the tips and tricks that have worked for me!**


3 thoughts on “A lil bitty about me!!

    • Thanks Emily!!! I am jealous you’re starting your journey! I will, when it’s the right time! Just relocated, so i’m going to wait until i can qualify for the state resident fee for school. I went to an expensive private college for my undergrad! Worth every penny, but those pennies will be coming for a LONG time!!

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