Crafting weekend!

Hey all! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend.  It was a tid biT HOT in NY!! I thought I might be able to take Fumble for a walk.  I was sorely mistaken.  I let him out at 5:30 am and there was drool to the floor after 3 minutes to pee!  So we played a few rounds of football in the house!  We were actually very inspired after a lovely trip to watch the NY Giants Training Camp on Sunday… with about 5,000 close fan family friends!

Victor Cruz and Eli Manning…

And then my favorite boys… the lineman!!

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet.  Did a LOT of food prep.  I swear, i keep myself quite busy for a single lady!

I also decided to actually try one of those crafts i’ve pinned on pinterest!  You can follow me at Eiren!

First, I decided to make my own “Turbo Tshirt!” I’ve been doing the program for 7 years might as well represent!  The t-shirt cost me a $9 at Old Navy (Vintage T) and then the letters cost $8.  I had a coupon at the craft store for 40% off.  **MY TIP, always look for a coupon!!**

Here’s how my T-shirt came out!

My second crafty tank experiment was based (or should I saw loosely because it didn’t come out 100%) on this tutorial:

Blogilates Racerback Tutorial

It came out okay! But i think I need to make some revisions next time!  Definitely use a bigger tshirt to start with.  Don’t start with a tight one!  I felt like the incredible hulk when i put it on.  When I stretched my arms the arm holes tore a bit!  But once that happened, it fit quite well! 🙂

Here is the finished product!

I started with the basic t shirt….

I then cut off the top of the neck, the arms, and the bottom band.

The directions call to cut out a V-neck, which I did.  I folded it over to make the V ‘even’.  Even though mine still wasn’t too even! lol.

Take your bottom strip, cut off the bottom panel.  Stretch out the rest of the fabric as much as you can.  Take the back of the t-shirt and tie a knot at the top of the back where you want to make your racerback.  Wrap it down to the bottom of the V and then tie another knot.  Cut off the rest!

And voila’ it’s complete!

Like I said, mine was a little ‘snug’.  I will definitely do this again but with a larger t shirt.  I have my momentous shirts that I have saved through the years.  I didn’t want to trial this out on them and then ruin it!

Have you tried to do a craft from Pinterest yet?

If you have, have you had success???