There’s always an App for that!

Hey all,

I hope you had a great weekend! I had a blast!! I got to go to visit with my besties from College. It’s very rare that we get to see each other, so it was a pleasant and MUCH needed treat!

It’s funny though, when you get older how things change. I used to leave a party with a purple or pink goodie bag with candy and bracelets, but NOW I get excited about leftovers! Check out the Guest of Honor, “Princess Jaclyn’s” 3Bean salad! I was the lucky recipient, and got to take it home with me! SCORE!! (Thank heaven’s I always carry a lunch box with me!) It’s a super easy recipe per Jacks, diced tomatoes, black beans, white beans and red beans, corn! Voila!!

Photo: Now this is what I call an "adult goody bag" from a party! Jacks homemade three bean salad!! Yummy!!

I also was able to stop at one of my favorite places, a grocery store! But not just any grocery store, Whole Foods!! πŸ™‚ I will not tell a lie… i dropped $70 in 15 minutes! But they were all necessity items! Plus, I got a pie for the party! AND I got my dad some healthy treats! I live with him, and am trying to instill the world of a healthy eating lifestyle.

Here are a few of my goodies….

PS, i’m quite glad that i got that many protein bars. Because I’m gluten and dairy free, I usually always have planned foods for meal time. Somehow I totally disregarded Sunday’s ride home and breakfasT! Doh!!! Ate the Maple Peanut Protein bar on the way home. DELicious!!! Can’t wait to try the others ones!


So… enough about me, back to my blog post! Are you an Iphone person? I traded my Blackberry in for an Iphone in December, and I’m pretty sure i’m a convert for life!! And I’ve become addicted to Apps. However, I find that the reviews are never sufficient, so I’ve become the girl who installs, tries and deleteS!

Here are a few of my Fav “Go-tos” that have survived my “X” button! πŸ™‚

The Weather Channel (Free)

Who doesn’t need the weather? I can access where I live, as well as my sister’s home in CA. That way, I know if it’s a beach day for her and whether to be jealous! πŸ™‚ Plus, I like the radar and the 36 hour written weather. Sometimes just a photo and a degree doesn’t cut it! This girl requires some verbiage!

Camera + ($.99)

I am always editing photos of Fumble because he’s so dark! It’s hard to see his pretty little face through all the black! I like how I can edit, crop and add some effects to the photos!

Fast Shutter Speed Camera (Free)

This is how I took those jumping photos of myself! You can set the camera to take as many pictures as you want and as quickly as you want and walk away. It’s great if you want to catch a photo in motion! My only snafu is that you have to delete a lot of the photos afterwards. However, after all is said and done and you have an awesome “motion” photo! I’ll happily delete!

PicCoLLage (Free)

I like this app to make my collages for instagram. My only issue is that it doesn’t automatically transfer to Instagram. But I like how you can place the photos where you want and move them around. I’ll take customization over a preset collage.
Labelbox (Free)

I use Labelbox to add font stickers to my photos. The free version offers just enough of the labels to meet my needs!

So now that I have all of these photos, how do i share them??

I think i have a new found love and addiction to instagram! I love it because you can follow fitness, newfoundlands, food, bloggers! You name it!!!

MyFitnessPal (Free)

This is a great app to keep track of your caloric intake and foods! I will document what I eat to make sure I’m eating enough. However, I’ve tried to back off for a while, but I’ll keep the app around. I typically eat the same meals day by day, so it’s silly to add it up every day!

Find me Gluten Free (free) and AllergyEats (Free)

If you’re gluten free or have any food allergy, these are great. They locate where you are and tell you what restaurants around you offer a gluten free and allergy friendly menu. When I’m traveling these are GREAT! I used them my entire trip to Denver this past Spring. I think if I had to pay for them, I would! It’s THAT worth it for allergy friendly folks!

Motion X GPS (Free)

I also used this app when I was in Denver. I had a GPS that broke one day. I got a free 30 day membership with the voice commands. I am out of my trial, but still find myself using this app more often than not! I’m sure I’m breaking all sort of rules of driving and reading my phone, but it definitely beats having to print directions EVERy time i need them (which is usually a lot because I get lost in a closet!)

Scramble with Friends (Free)

My Best Friend, Sarah, just introduced this game to me! It’s addicting, and I’m horrible at it! But a fun change to Words with Friends (her words and they are true!)

Pinterest (Free)

Are words even needed to Pinterest? I could sit on here ALL day long!! It makes for a great mini break during the day! Plus, it’s where I usually keep all of my recipes, so when I’m in the kitchen it makes for easy access to the recipes!

Grocery IQ (Free)

I USE THIS EVERY DAY!!! You can look up your foods, and then they’re all there! It’s also great because you can make a list of your favorites and then on Saturday when you make your grocery list it’s easy to put it together! I rarely ever forget my grocery foods! (rarely, sometimes i still forget!)



Do you have any favorite apps that you use???