How many burpees can you do for a cause???

I did 28! Drop and give me some burpees for the ta-tas!Β  I decided to do a challenge for myself with Self Magazine and Tone it Up‘s #LivePink campaign in mind!Β  On Thursday, I posted to a bunch of sites that each like I got on my personal facebook page equaled 1 burpee.Β  My theory was that if women can struggle day in and day out with their diagnoses than I can do some burpees.Β  It’s not easy for them, and burpees aren’t easy!Β  It was a self challenge.Β  It ended on Sunday, and I got 14 likes.Β  Well I can do 14 burpees, so I decided that it was going to be 2 burpees for each like.Β  I think in all i did about 30 burpees.

Here’s my first vlog!

Did you do anything in awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ie Walk?

How many burpees did you do?