#beTRUEtoYOU Challenge

Okay, so between #holidayhottie and #elf4health, I am a challenge queen! 😛

And i’m not done yet…

This is an amazing challenge that’s being done by Kasey, at Powercakes!  If you follow my IG, you know that i love to test her recipes as i’m gluten/dairy free an mostly vegetarian.  She has a great combo of delicious flavors, and things that, on my own, I would have never thought of!

Well, Kasey is doing an amazing Challenge called #beTRUEtoYOU !

Kasey has a similar frame of reference as I do… like snowflakes (PS it snowed in Maine today for the first time! yah! :P), we are all different.  And instead of trying to conform to a trend, or do something someone else has done, we should embrace ourselves!  That can mean our bodies, our diet, fitness, personality traits (i’m quirky! :P), etc… You name it.  #beTRUEtoYOU!

In this challenge she asks… how are you true to yourself?

Wow, what a loaded question for me!!  If you’ve read my past blog posts you will know, that it took me a LONG time to find out who I am and be okay with that.  After struggling with disordered eating, the loss of my mom, my stupid health issues…It has been really difficult to find out and remember who I am, and what makes me happy!  I think in those struggles you almost lose a part of yourself.  It takes some serious self-reflection to come back to life.  I mean you’re always breathing, but not really living.  Sort of floating through life.

I think the BEST image that I have as proof for the #beTRUEtoYOU challenge has to be a photo I took this past summer.  It was a trip I took to Cape Cod, and I remember being out on the beach, by myself, at Sunrise.  I used to live on Cape Cod and my BEST thinking moments were at the beach.  I was out in West Dennis alone on the beach, and of course I was playing around. I leaned my lovely iphone on a lifeguard stand and took some jumping photos.  Yes, they are silly (my personality again!), but I also love them because this was the exact trip and moment that I decided I was going to STOP holding myself back.  Two years ago, I moved to a place that I didn’t know anyone, and even now, still barely knew anyone. I was ready to get my life started.  This was the morning I decided I was going to move.  I was going to stop saying it, and do it!  AND I did!!
1 month later, i put my notice into work, and a month and a half after that… Today, here i am!  Sitting in my house in Maine!  Yes, i still have struggles ahead, ie finding a job!  BUT, as I said in a post a few weeks ago… “dear happiness… i’ve missed you, welcome home”.  The happiness far outweighs the struggles ahead.

If you have a little faith, it can go a long way… Proof that everything happens for a reason.

I also want to just reiterate what i’ve said before in posts, and what Kasey is talking about in regards to everyone being different.  I am living proof of this.  I am an identical twin.  IDENTICAL.  We share the exact same DNA.  Our adult teeth even grew in the EXACT SAME WAY!  (yah, we even confused the orthodontist! Hehe).

  But, my sister and I are completely different in our adult lives.  We have VERY different body types. Where she can eat what she wants, I have gluten/dairy intolerance. You can’t compare yourself to someone else, or try to be like them.  Stop comparing, and just be the BEST YOU!  Find out what makes you tick, what makes you happy, who you are… and embrace it.  I am an odd duck, i have a quirky sense of humor, i have a dog that outweighs me for heavens sake!  I am okay with all of that.  Don’t get me wrong, it took me a LONG time to be okay with it, but i finally am!  And you should be too… because in the end, you’ll feel so much butter on the inside, and you’ll exude that confidence on the outside.  And confidence, my dears, is sooooo much more attractive than any size on a label!


Do you compare yourself to other people? 

What is your favorite thing about yourself! (physical, personality..)?

The art of a handwritten note….

I know I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be taking part in #Efl4Health Challenge being done by Nutritionella and TheLeanGreenBean.  It started yesterday with #meatless Monday! Love that by the way.  My day started off with egg whites and pb flour mixed with banana on top of corn thins!  Lunch was my GIANT SALAD that i made with Kabocha Squash and lots of veggies a top Butter Lettuce, Spinach and Watercress (PS< watercress has loads of calcium!). Then on top of that was Powercakes tahini nooch sauce (this has become my new obsession).  Dinner was my Shakeology waffles, which is usually a staple of the day!!

I am loving seeing everyone’s posts on instagram!  It’s so amazing that these two gals have an amazing following!! And even more than that, an amazingly supportive following!  🙂

Today’s challenge is write a handwritten note to a friend. I love this idea.  And I just wanted to blog about it really quick.  There is an art to writing a handwritten note.

No, not the Emily Post, 3 sentence thank you, etc, but an art.  I call it an art, because it’s rare and individual nowadays.  In our age of emails and texts we have lost sight of what it is like to actually sit down, write a note, put a stamp on it, and send it.  And even more than that, there is an amazing experience that happens now when a person receives a letter.  For example, to those in college or that went away to college.  Don’t you remember the feeling you got when you received your care packages from your parents.  To me, it was reminiscent of curling up with a hot cup of chocolate, warming….  Almost like, you know you’re loved.  Not just because of the contents, but because of the thought behind it.

I have a lot of cards from my best friends through the years.  Especially the ones that I received during a really hard time in my life.  I will sometimes go back and re-read those words to just remind myself that I have support.  Even though they were written years ago, the words are still true.  People are also more apt to keep cards.  I don’t keep emails.  I will “save” them, but then I lose them amongst the other saved ones… words are lost…. And kind words written by family and friends should NOT be lost in a cloud of technology.

Well, my point is write a note or card to someone!  If you say thank you to someone else, write a thank you note!  It will mean so much more!!!  Write a note to just say hello to a friend, write a thank you to your grandparents, write a just because card to your parents.  The feeling that you will give them well outweighs the small cost of a stamp!!

Are you a card/note writer??

What is the BEST card you ever received??

What’s your favorite place to get cards?

Press delete on Negativity!!

Okay, so where have I been??? I just realized today that I haven’t posted in so long!  Well, here’s an update!  I’ll start with the bad and then get to the good.  Bad, I’ve been in to Maine, had an interview with what I thought was my “dream” job, and didn’t get it!  Oh well, It’s definitely a burn and punch to the gut, but I keep telling myself it wasn’t meant to be.  So now, the plan is to just go.  My dad wants to come with me!  So the house is on the market, and we’re starting to call condos today to see if they will take a rental with a newf!  Fingers crossed.  Once I get there, i’ll go to a temp agency or even just take 2 jobs!  I will make it work!!  I will!!

Now, the good!! In my journey to and from Maine, I got to meet 2 new amazing men!!!!  🙂  I got to meet my best friend, Jackie’s new man.  🙂  I approve!!  Second, I got to meet a very special man in my life. Another one of my best friend, Sarah and Jake’s new lil man, Bryce Thomas!  I have never held a week old baby before! So I was definitely nervous holding him, but i love him! He is full of personality in those beautiful eyes!  Congratulations to the new mama and papa!! xoxo

I also have started an amazing Challenge with my girl, Heather!!  We are doing a Slim in 6 Slimdown for Halloween.  I am also doing a second challenge in collaboration but with Turbofire!  They both started yesterday, Monday, and I am soooo shocked at the amazing support these women are providing to each other!!  I can only see amazing things happening!!

You can do it ladies!! Heather and I are so proud of you already!!! And my Turbofire girls are amazing!! Keep that fire burning!!

Now, onto my post!!

I’m stealing this theme from Joel Osteen! I must preface this by saying there are topics I don’t like to talk about, religion and policits being two! But! Recently I have become more faithful. I sort of went through a period of strain in my beliefs. I am finding that in that struggle it only got stronger.
We all have our own beliefs and I am 100% tolerant of every persons beliefs and thoughts! Heck, I’m catholic and right now I’m more drawn to the sermons of Joel Osteen.
Whatever works, to each his own! The power of the being in an Independent country, we can all choose our own paths!

But that being said, I listened to a powerful topic about deleting negative thoughts. I think it goes beyond religion. This message can transcend into each of our lives.  We can delete the horrible lies we tell ourselves! Because that’s what negative thoughts are, lies!

As a society, we put so much pressure on ourselves. It’s almost as if telling ourselves all the bad things that we feel has completely taken over any positive affirmations. We need to STOP! And we need to praise ourselves. Get into the habit.

We, myself included, need to start patting ourselves on the back! We all make small strides through the day, we can get into the habit. We can stop focusing on what we’re not doing and start on what we ARE!
For example, today I ate clean! Pat on the back! I supported local farmers instead of going to the grocery store, PAT! I applied to two jobs and looked for over an hour! PAT! I can very easily throw a list of all the negative things in my day! It actually took me a minute to come up with some good things. If we make a point to point out (no pun) the accomplishments we will begin to train our brains! Muscle memory!

You are beautiful, confident, committed, and charming! You are meant to be a wonderful person! You just need to look in the mirror!
I have heard about this challenge from Trish Blackwell, and i dare each of you to make a list of 50 positive things that you are!! Do it!  Write down everything you think positive about yourself.  It might take a while, maybe even a day or two, but do it!  Get into that habit!
Start to press delete on negative thoughts!!

If you make your list, take a photo and tag #thinkpositive!!  😛

Do you struggle to stay positive??

Are you a faithful person?  What do you believe in?? (I always find others beliefs so interesting! and educational!) ****** NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ALLOWED, WE ARE ALL ALLOWED TO THINK HOW WE WANT TO *************

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

One of the reasons that I joined the social network, like Beachbody and Tone It Up, was to expand my network of like-minded people.  I have a small social circle, and most of my best friends live far away from me.  I have been so fortunate in a short amount of time to meet some amazing, creative and motivating women!!

I was so fortunate to meet a beautiful new friend, Heather, a follow Tone It Upper from CA. We are bi-coastal, but have bonded over our drive to help motivate and encourage other people to get healthy!  That’s all it takes, is one small idea! And a friendship growS!! 🙂

We have joined forces for the last two week… we got together over our boiling pots and wrote a spell for your fitness success!!  Give us 15 days! That’s it!! and we will work with you to succeed.

We have also done this with the focus on our Tone it Up girls and Self Magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, #LivePInk

I just heard that the United States over 8 million dollars on Halloween! Phew!!! That’s a lot of pumpkinS!! So wouldn’t you want to spend your money on an amazing costume and feel CONFIDENT in it??

If you’re interested in more information, please comment below!!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume so far??