I’ve never been a “me”, I’ve always been a “we”…

Did you know I was a twin?  Yup.  Identical.  I’m the older one, by a mere 60 seconds.


Neat fact… my parents didn’t even know they were having twins until about a month before we were born.  I’m not quite sure how no one asked questions considering my mom was a peanut and was HUUUGGGEEE!  Per stories from my family she got stuck in doorways in a MG Midget!

So the reason I mention that I’m a twin.  Two actually.  First, it’s our BIRTHDAY!  Golden Birthday to be exact.  Have you ever heard of a golden birthday?  Apparently it’s when you turn your birthday on the date of your birthday.  For example, this year we are 31 on the 31st!  (Oh yah, we are also New Year’s babies! Double tax write off for my papa!)

twins current

Second reason I mention it is because I came to a huge realization this past week.  I was telling someone about me and I kept referring to myself as “we” in my past history.  It wasn’t until about 10 minute into the conversation the person I was talking to asked, “who is we?”  I quickly replied “oh, my sister and i.” It was at that moment that I realized that I will never be a ME.  I never have been, and never will be.  I have always been a WE.  I know that we have grown, and separated.  We live on separate coasts of the United States, and she is now married and creating her own new family.  But we will always be intertwined as a “WE”.  She is my soulmate.

Yes, I hope to have a “love” someday that will be my soulmate, that person that I will love more than myself.  However, my twin sister and I have a different bond.  It’s almost as much for me to say that I can’t breathe without her.  She is my other half, my best friend, sometimes my worst enemy… But I know that I am 150% certain that she was put on this earth for me, and I for her.

We have gone through some difficult times in our lives, and have always had to lean on each other.  I know that there is no way that I could have gotten through my life without my sister.  She played devil’s advocate MORE times than I can count, she calls me on everything I do wrong, she lifts me up when I need it, and she would fly across the country if I needed it.  Heck, most times with our “twin” powers, she doesn’t even need a call from me, she just knows when I need her….


I just wanted to write my first blog post in a LONG time in thanks to her.

Sissy, we have spent 31 years together.  You are creating your new family, and I am just blessed that you include me in that.  I cannot wait to celebrate our birthday together this year!

I’ll be there soon.



Happy Little Distracting Friday! (and i feel like a little celebrity)

First, I have to say a GIGANTIC thank you Meg from A Dash of Meg and Laura from Sprint2theTable. I have been following these girls for a LONG time on their blogs. They are two women that have inspired me to follow my dream of entering this blogging world. Also, they have been inspiring through my fitness journey. Even being “fit”, it’s still a struggle some days to get up off my booty and get the job done. Reading blogs, and other people stories, reminds you that you’re not alone!
Hence, my HUGE blog subscription addiction! 😛

So thank, thank, thank you for Meg your #high5fri! PS LOVE THE NEW button!! 🙂 And a very big Thank you to Laura for giving me one of my new FAVORITE snacks!!

I also was SOOOO EXCITED last weekend! I think this was as close to meeting a celebrity for me! (yes, i’m a dork!).  My soulmate workout creator, Chalene Johnson liked my photo on Instagram!! Then, not only that, her sister, Jenelle Summers, commented on one of my photos!! Talk about motivation to keep going!  These two gals are an amazing representation of taking a dream and making it a reality!  Not only motivating in fitness, but life in general!!

Back to reality…

Today, my dad and I needed a little distraction, so we decided to go Apple Picking.  We do live in Upstate NY!  Well, google then informed me that unfortunately, due to a early bloom in April and then a frost in May we don’t have any UPick Apples in the area.  So we got in the car and drove to Hudson Valley.  I’m not 100% sure where we ended up, but somewhere near Poughkeepsie.  We went to Dubois Farms.  They had a beautiful farm, and were getting ready for a festival tomorrow.  The woman at the counter informed us that they had two varieties of apples available for picking, one was Gala and then there was another one I can’t remember.  But I wasn’t sure which one was more tart.  My dad went back in and asked, and came back out with one of the owners!  He was a great guy and told us about a few other varieties they had.  They were opening two other rows tomorrow for the Festival, but let us pick from them today.  Proof IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK!

This worked into our advantage.  We got to get almost 15 lbs of Crimson Crisp.  I have never heard of this type!  Sweet and tart and DELICIOUS!!!

Had to grab a photo of my dad and his happy moment!  He was so excited about the tree picker thingie!  He was gone in a total of 5.2 seconds!

I know it may sound like I complain that “i live with my dad…”  However, I DO NOT regret moving in with him for a second.  Our relationship has completely changed.  When my mom was alive, she was my best friend.  I told her EVERYTHING.  I really mourned the loss of that after she died.  Heck, I still mourn that.  However, I now have that with him.  My dad worked his butt off to give my mom, sister and I the life we could have hoped for.  That sacrifice was working 12 hour days.  We had a good relationship with him, don’t get me wrong! But it was mostly weekend time.  I can now tell him anything and everything.  He is both supportive by motivating me as well as calling me out on things!  When I move away from him, I will miss him like crazy.  But I know it will be good for us to grow on our own!
Us being together for the last 2.5 years has been the ultimate expression that “Everything Happens for a Reason”.


Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

What’s your favorite variety of apple??