Happy Holidays… and a wish…

I just wanted to take a brief moment this morning and wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season… It’s the end of the year which sort of makes me reflect back for all of the things i love and am thankful for in 2012…

They are as follows.

**I am so amazingly grateful for a supportive and loving father.  He has taken over a role that my mother held (and will always hold) as not only a parent, but a best friend.  He has supported me in my crazy life decisions this past year.  Even as scary and outlandish as they sounded.  A great dad knows when to encourage and challenge you, and even if you don’t do what he thinks is best… always stands behind you with love and a hug to help if you fall.

** I am so thankful for my sissy.  She is my other half.  We have grown A LOT, and as twins that’s not an easy thing.  You are always used to the way things used to be for 28 years.  Then you grow apart, and start new, separate lives.  I am thankful to know that even 3000 miles away she is still my twin.  Through thick and thin, bickers, tears and laughs she will always be my other half.

**I am beyond lucky for my best friends.  We have a very special relationship.  Maybe some of you can relate?  We spent 4 years of college together.  We have our own lives now, but we always come back together, like we never left.  They have been there for me, picked me up when i’m down, and taught me how to laugh again…. I love you girls!!!

PS, addendum to this one… i am grateful for being a pseudo-auntiE too!! Merry Christmas M, N and B!! I know Santa will be good to you all!!!! I can’t wait to watch you all grow up too!

**This one may sound weird, but i CANNOT thank my social media family enough!!  I feel like I have gotten to know so many people through the Tone it Up, #Elf4health, Fitness and SweatPink community on IG, twitter and facebook.  It is so encouraging to finally see women who support one another!!!  I also still can’t believe that Karena from Tone It Up called me!!  What a dork I was on the phone!! LOL!  Gobsmacked and flustered in my celebrity nerves! hehe!

**Thankful for a new job!!!!  SO excited that one is happening! Phew… was getting nervous there for a moment!

**I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there in the community! I can’t wait to start to meet new people and create new relationships around me. Happy people are social.  I have been a hermit for too long!

**While my experience in NY was one that I will certainly take as a stepping stone, I can whole heartily say that I am so blessed to have gotten to know such an amazing group of people.  I think I have a cheerleading squad behind me for life!  They are selfless people who have an amazing gift that they not only shared with the patients that we worked with, but me as a person.

Lastly, I am thankful for the memories… This is a different kind of year for my family as we have left behind a huge physical piece of my mother… our house.  But a house is just a house, 4 walls.  It’s the people inside of it that make it a home.  I have the memories that will lead me through and help to remind me what the holidays are all about…  Love, hugs, memories, laughs (maybe some fights if you talk politics, hehe), but really, it’s just about being together!!

Happy Holidays….

What will 2013 bring to be thankful for????


What are you most thankful for in 2012?

What is something you would like to accomplish in 2013?

Press delete on Negativity!!

Okay, so where have I been??? I just realized today that I haven’t posted in so long!  Well, here’s an update!  I’ll start with the bad and then get to the good.  Bad, I’ve been in to Maine, had an interview with what I thought was my “dream” job, and didn’t get it!  Oh well, It’s definitely a burn and punch to the gut, but I keep telling myself it wasn’t meant to be.  So now, the plan is to just go.  My dad wants to come with me!  So the house is on the market, and we’re starting to call condos today to see if they will take a rental with a newf!  Fingers crossed.  Once I get there, i’ll go to a temp agency or even just take 2 jobs!  I will make it work!!  I will!!

Now, the good!! In my journey to and from Maine, I got to meet 2 new amazing men!!!!  🙂  I got to meet my best friend, Jackie’s new man.  🙂  I approve!!  Second, I got to meet a very special man in my life. Another one of my best friend, Sarah and Jake’s new lil man, Bryce Thomas!  I have never held a week old baby before! So I was definitely nervous holding him, but i love him! He is full of personality in those beautiful eyes!  Congratulations to the new mama and papa!! xoxo

I also have started an amazing Challenge with my girl, Heather!!  We are doing a Slim in 6 Slimdown for Halloween.  I am also doing a second challenge in collaboration but with Turbofire!  They both started yesterday, Monday, and I am soooo shocked at the amazing support these women are providing to each other!!  I can only see amazing things happening!!

You can do it ladies!! Heather and I are so proud of you already!!! And my Turbofire girls are amazing!! Keep that fire burning!!

Now, onto my post!!

I’m stealing this theme from Joel Osteen! I must preface this by saying there are topics I don’t like to talk about, religion and policits being two! But! Recently I have become more faithful. I sort of went through a period of strain in my beliefs. I am finding that in that struggle it only got stronger.
We all have our own beliefs and I am 100% tolerant of every persons beliefs and thoughts! Heck, I’m catholic and right now I’m more drawn to the sermons of Joel Osteen.
Whatever works, to each his own! The power of the being in an Independent country, we can all choose our own paths!

But that being said, I listened to a powerful topic about deleting negative thoughts. I think it goes beyond religion. This message can transcend into each of our lives.  We can delete the horrible lies we tell ourselves! Because that’s what negative thoughts are, lies!

As a society, we put so much pressure on ourselves. It’s almost as if telling ourselves all the bad things that we feel has completely taken over any positive affirmations. We need to STOP! And we need to praise ourselves. Get into the habit.

We, myself included, need to start patting ourselves on the back! We all make small strides through the day, we can get into the habit. We can stop focusing on what we’re not doing and start on what we ARE!
For example, today I ate clean! Pat on the back! I supported local farmers instead of going to the grocery store, PAT! I applied to two jobs and looked for over an hour! PAT! I can very easily throw a list of all the negative things in my day! It actually took me a minute to come up with some good things. If we make a point to point out (no pun) the accomplishments we will begin to train our brains! Muscle memory!

You are beautiful, confident, committed, and charming! You are meant to be a wonderful person! You just need to look in the mirror!
I have heard about this challenge from Trish Blackwell, and i dare each of you to make a list of 50 positive things that you are!! Do it!  Write down everything you think positive about yourself.  It might take a while, maybe even a day or two, but do it!  Get into that habit!
Start to press delete on negative thoughts!!

If you make your list, take a photo and tag #thinkpositive!!  😛

Do you struggle to stay positive??

Are you a faithful person?  What do you believe in?? (I always find others beliefs so interesting! and educational!) ****** NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ALLOWED, WE ARE ALL ALLOWED TO THINK HOW WE WANT TO *************

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

One of the reasons that I joined the social network, like Beachbody and Tone It Up, was to expand my network of like-minded people.  I have a small social circle, and most of my best friends live far away from me.  I have been so fortunate in a short amount of time to meet some amazing, creative and motivating women!!

I was so fortunate to meet a beautiful new friend, Heather, a follow Tone It Upper from CA. We are bi-coastal, but have bonded over our drive to help motivate and encourage other people to get healthy!  That’s all it takes, is one small idea! And a friendship growS!! 🙂

We have joined forces for the last two week… we got together over our boiling pots and wrote a spell for your fitness success!!  Give us 15 days! That’s it!! and we will work with you to succeed.

We have also done this with the focus on our Tone it Up girls and Self Magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, #LivePInk

I just heard that the United States over 8 million dollars on Halloween! Phew!!! That’s a lot of pumpkinS!! So wouldn’t you want to spend your money on an amazing costume and feel CONFIDENT in it??

If you’re interested in more information, please comment below!!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume so far??

Protein recipe with a dash of crazy setting in

So, I’ve only been unemployed from my full time job for a hot second and I’ve already got ants in my pants!  I’m giving myself till the end of the week.  If i don’t hear back from anyone about any other job prospects, I’ll have to do something.  I’m by no means a sitter!

I also think the more I “sit” or have little to do, the more I think.  Have you ever become a prisoner of your own mind?  It’s no wonder I’m so “fit”.  I focus my bored attention to fitness and staying healthy!  I know the decision I made was the RIGHT one for me.  I know it.  Now, I just have to actually BELIEVE it!

This past weekend, my dad and I went to the Cape to visit with my Nanny.  She’s got a bit of dementia setting in, rather quick I might add, so it was good to go visit her.  While we were there, we decided to say “hello” to my mom.  She’s been gone for 2 1/2 years now.  One of her most favorite places to be was at the beach.  My dad and I have gotten into the habit of saying “hi” to her by sending balloons up with a note attached.  We were FINALLY together at the beach, so we did just that.

We also took a little photo of us!  Some nice stranger stopped to grab one of Fumble, dad and I.

After that was where trouble ensues.  My 185 Lb newfie decided he DID NOT want to get in the car.  After 45 minutes of trying to go up his “steps”, I had remembered seeing a nice young strapping chap running down the beach.  West Dennis beach ends, there’s no where to go, so I knew he had to make his way BACK towards us.  We waited, and waited. Finally he showed up.  I politely apologized for ruining his workout, but said I could add some extra lifting to it if he wanted.  So, the three of us lifted Fumble into the car.  The guy and I in the front legs, Dad with the tail!  I should say i’m embarrassed, but I’m not.  This is not the first time I have had to ask someone for assistance.  ::Shaking head::

I love that darn dog!

Now onto my recipe!!  I got creative last week with some inspiration from A Dash of Meg and Sprint2TheTable with their ‘custard’ recipes.  I also love my carrot pudding from GlutenFreeHappyTummy.  Why not make my own little Fall creation!!

Carrot Tofu Protein Pudding with Pumpkin! Makes two small snacks or 1 meal

  • Ingredients:  1/4 C Carrots (steamed), 1/4 Pumpkin Puree, 1/4 inch slice of tofu (i used low calorie firm), Dash of Oriental 5 spice, 1/2 scoop Protein Powder, 2 Tablespoons of Cranberries.

Directions:  Steam your carrots.  I’m a microwave queen and use the Ziploc baggies. Add your carrots, tofu, pumpkin and use the hand mixer to blend.  Then stir in cranberries, spices and protein powder.  Put in the fridge and voila Thanksgiving Vegan style! 🙂

**If you don’t like tofu, you can put in 2 tablespoons of raw soaked cashews instead.

Is fall your favorite time of year?  What’s your favorite fall meal/recipe??

Do you struggle sometimes to believe that “everything happens for a reason”??

A wish and a prayer…

Have you ever made a decision 100% on a wish and a prayer?  I start my new life tomorrow.  The UNEMPLOYED one!! I am officially done with my last job.  While I loved what I did and the amazing volunteers I got to work with on a daily basis, I wasn’t happy.  We spend a third of our life at our jobs.  Why should we spend 1/3 of our life being unhappy?  So, I decided to make the change.

I also have decided to not only leave my employment in this economy (currently slamming head against wall for stupidity), but I have also decided to make a life change.  I have lived most of my adult life caring for others, or living somewhere to “be there” for another person.  I moved here right after my mom died to live with my dad.  I would not change a thing.  I think our relationship has only grown and he has become my best friend, a role my mother held for a very long time.  However, we need to grow and I think we have become each others ‘crutch”.  So, I have decided to move.  On my own.  Something I have never done!  I lived with my sister for 5 years on Cape Cod, but we lived in our parents home.  We paid them, but that’s not the same as going off on your own and paying rent, utilities, etc.  Well, I guess I kind of did that on the Cape, but it’s different when it’s your parents! There is a safety net.  No more net.  I’ve been applying to jobs for 6 months, but got no bites.  What Non-profit is going to call a girl for an interview when she lives 4.5 hours away, and has 4 weeks notice to give?  I did A LOT  of soul searching, and that’s when I came to the conclusion it was time to give my notice.

Do you believe in signs?  As SOON as I gave my notice, I got a call about an interview.  I didn’t get the job, but still.  And then there were 3 other opportunities that were met my exact skill set after that.  Things also remarkably fell into place for my dad.  He’s had a really tough 2.5 years since my mom died.  And things seem to be taking a turn for the better for him too.  It was weird, it was like she was playing my cheerleader from heaven.  A role that she used to play when she was here on earth.

So here I am, unemployed, and now I wait!  Waiting to hear back from some bites I have out there.  BUT, I have all the faith that everything happens for a reason, and it will all work itself out! I just have to play my role in life, and it will happen!  Whatever “it” is, I don’t know, but I do trust “it’s” going to be pretty amazing!

I’m just a little bird, with wings spread out far, I just have to learn how to fly with them now!

Have you ever taken a leap of faith and done something completely out of your comfort zone?