Savory Puffy Pancake Recipe!

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savory puff pancake 2

@karenakatrina #summersizzle #toneitup #recipe @toneitup savory puff baked protein pancake!!! I made this up the other night!?!  It was loosely based on a puff pancake my twin sis and I used to make that had lots of butter and flour! This was two base ingredients Egg whites and protein powder!  I used pea protein as I can’t really digest ‘rice’ based proteins after lunch time.  #sunwarrior I added spinach, asparagus, and carrots, #nooch! And baked! Yum yum yum!!!  ½ cup egg whites, 2 egg real egg whites, 1 scoop protein powder (natural flavor), 1 T nooch, I also did a dash of salt and pepper! Preheat oven to 400, pop veggies in a sauté pan (must not have handle that can melt!) and leave in oven to “semi roast veggies”.  Then I prep my other ingredients while that’s in the oven.  I beat the egg whites (all of them) until foamy with a hand blender whisk.  Then added protein powder and nooch.  Take pan out (with a pot holder!), spray with some #coconut oil and then pour egg white mixture on top!  Put in oven for 20 minutes. I checked on it at 15 to see.  Once it starts to brown on top! #glutenfree #dairyfree #eatclean #protein #weightloss #lowfat #tiuteam #tiusisters #toneitupnutritionplan

Today I plan on having ½ of it for lunch topped with some tahini!!

savory puff pancake


Did you know that Yams and SWeet Potatoes are different??

Well, today was my Day 3 of P90x!  Arms and Shoulders!  EEekk..  I love shoulders day!  Lateral raises are by far my FAVORITE exercise!!  I survived!!!  I got about 23 on each side, both rounds of the side tricep push ups!!  ::Pat on the back:: 😛

I still struggled with a no cardio day though!!  Will I ever get over this?  I had the time,so  I threw in a 20 Minute HIIT.  What’s 20 minutes?  I probably amped up my weights workout as well!!
Oh and then, I had to end the morning with Ab Ripper X.  That was MUCH harder the second time around???!!!??

So before I get to my debate about sweet potatoes and yams, I must share my experiment/recipe inspiration from yesterday!

I saw on Caralyn’s @Glutenfreehappytummy‘s a recipe for Beet pudding a week or so ago.  I LOVED and am still in love with her Carrot pudding, so I figured I loved beets, I had a beet, why not make it!!  I did sub the cashews for Tofu though.  If you like beets, i HIGHLY recommend this!!! I made mine with a Golden Beet, so that’s why it’s not red!  Use what you have, right??!

So back to my debate!  I was at the grocery store the other day and all they had were yams.  I had heard on a Podcast once that there is a difference between a yam and a sweet potato.  If I remember correctly, the Podcast speaker had a whole book about it!??!

I LOVE orange vegetables, sweet potatoes, squash.. you name it! I make sweet potato chips every day! EVERY DAY!!  When I saw that the store didn’t have sweet potatoes, but “yams”, I was a little crestfallen, but I wasn’t driving to another store!  Gas is over $4 a gallon.  So i acquiesced, and bought the yams.  I shocked the guy behind me at the register when I said there was a difference! But, Uck!  I know that yams are rare here, but this was not the same as my usual sweet potatoes. Do not crisp up the same, and the taste is just not there.

So that got me to thinking, what actually is the difference between a sweet potato and a yam… here’s what I found!

Yams are thick, white and tubular, with rough skin and have little flavor.  They aren’t even related to the sweet potato! There are over 600 varieties of yams and 95% of the crop is grown in Africa. Sweet Potatoes or are orange fleshed with a smooth skin.  They originally came to the United States from South America.  Sweet potatoes are rich and sweet in flavor.

Self. com states that: As you can see on, the sweet potato (which is related to the morning glory) is lower in calories, has a lower glycemic load, and is much higher in beta-carotene than the yam, which belongs to the lily family.  As a result, a serving of sweet potato is considered to be moderately anti-inflammatory, while a serving of yams is moderately inflammatory.

Yams aren’t so bad though!  They do have Vitamin C and folate in them.  They are usually carried at International grocery stores and are usually larger than the sweet potato.  Yams can actually be as long as an arm, and are usually cut into chunks at the grocery store.

So why did I get a weird Sweet Potato labeled a yam?? There are a variety of sweet potatoes out there!!  Some include Jewel, Hanna, Garnet, Japanese to name a few common ones.  I’m pretty sure my favorite is the Garnet, which is the typical orange color, with a molasses flavor.  Hannah is a little more white-ish, and tastes the least sweet, a little like honey.  The Jewel is the most sweet, and has a thin and moist texture.  Japanese is actually yellow inside.

So I guess that answers my question!  I got a variety of a sweet potato, “dressed up” with a label of a yaM!  Putting Halloween costumes on vegetables is NOT acceptable Grocery Store!

Did you know there were varieties of sweet potatoes?

Do you prefer sweet potatoes, or the red/white/blue variety??

**Thanks to for helping me with the info on this!!**

Breakfast for Dinner???

I am an avid follower of MANY blogs (I get over 150 emails a day).  I know that sounds crazy, but I do love to read about other people’s success stories.  I think a lot of it has to do with my yearning to do the same thing, but fear of getting started. BUT, here i am!! Ready to start.  Taking the leap!

So here’s my first recipe of something i LOVE TO MAKE AND EAT!

Does anyone else love breakfast for dinner??  I have a tiny little addiction to egg whites, because they’re such a great source of protein.  I also love, LOVE, LOOOVVEE anything related to pancakes, waffles… you name it!  Favorite meal of the day!!

I make this thing called a protein puff.  Have you ever had a Dutch Baby?  Or is that just a Pennsylvania thing?  Well basically, a dutch baby is a pancake that fluffs up like a souffle in the oven, but is one large pancake.  It’s yummy, but SUPER high in calories.  My **TwIN** and I used to make them, years ago, when we lived together on Cape Cod.  We got a recipe that was lower calories and ‘better for you’.  We would make the basic pancake and jazz it up as much as we could with other healthy toppings, ie apples, bananas, strawberries.  We tried to be as seasonal as possible!

Since going gluten and dairy free, I have struggled to find the right combo of flours and mixtures that will bake properly, stay fluffed and taste good.  I try to stay away from carbs in the evenings, so I also struggled with the flours.  I’ve used everything from garbanzo bean flour, coconut flour, almond flour… all too dry.  It took me a while, but I was reading another blog.. I think it was Purely Twins (I hope i can put them in here, i haven’t gotten as far as how to reference others in a blog.. sorry if i took a mistep).  I love their blog because not only are they twins, duh!? but they’re also healthy fitness lovers who eat gluten and dairy free!  When I read their blog, I feel like I could be their triplet!  They posted a recipe for a protein pancake, and I figured if I tweaked it a little, I bet I could fluff up my dutch baby to work!

Gluten Free HIGH PROTEIN Dutch Baby

1/4 C Egg whites

1/4 C water (or almond milk)

1 Scoop Protein Powder (I use Raw Vegan Sunwarrior Blend)

1 T peanut flour

dash of salt

seasoning as you like… i use pumpkin pie spice, you could add 1 T of cocoa powder… jazz it up as you like!

1 egg white beat until peaks form

Extra virgin olive oil spray

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

I mix everything, except for the egg white in to a bowl.  In a separate bowl, I beat the egg white until soft peaks form.

In a small frying pan, I spray a little EVOO into the pan and then place it into the oven for approx 2 minutes.

I slowly fold in the whites into the protein bowl mixture.  Be careful not to break the fluffy whites!

Once incorporated, take your pan out of the over (use a mitt!!) and spray again with a little EVOO.  Slowly place the mixture into the pan and then flatten it out a little.

Place into the 400 degree oven and bake for approx 20-23 minutes.

When it comes out it will be a little fluffed up, let it cool for 3 minutes.  And there you have a protein puff pancake!  I put a little spray butter on mine and top it with either more PB or put  a banana, apple slices, dip it cranberries… you name it! The nice thing is that this is a blank canvas for you to jazz up depending on how you like flavors!
I also will sometimes make it in a muffin pan and split it into 2 servings and save one for a snack the next day!

Hope you like it!! I haven’t tried it with other protein powders, so you may have to play with the amount of powder you add!

🙂  GOod  Luck and Happy Wednesday!!

PS, did you get your workout in today??? I DID!! I was wide awake at 4:10 am for NO APPARENT REASON.  So, rather than stare at the ceiling, I went down and got my Chalean Extreme Get Lean Intervals done! 43 Minute work=CHECK!!! 🙂