Fashion Addiction

Do you have a fashion addiction??

I do!

BOOTS!! Not shoes, but boots!

There was a period of time that I was actually afraid of ordering boots on deep discount (the only way i buy anything) and having them sent to the house.Β  My dad would have KILLED me if he saw another box come to the door.Β  I actually thought about having the boxes sent to the office!

I took that as my “sign”!

Well… I was able to put that addiction to bay for a while.Β  9 months exactly.Β  But now they’re back!!Β  EEEK!!

Β I will share my favorite pair of boots, and you would never guess where they are from??


They were only $21!!Β  How could I EVER pass that up? I’m tempted to put an alert on them to find out when they will be back in stock!Β  I want them in another color! lol!

I created a little workout that I do on my own to get my little thighs in shape for my skinny jeans!Β  My thighs are always a sticking point for me because I have what I call “linebacker” thighs.Β  I get big!Β  My recent round with Chalean Extreme really leaned me down, so I’m trying to maintain that!

Here is my little routine!

** just a reminder that i’m not a trainer, just a fit girl sharing my own routine!**

What’s your fashion addictions? Bag, shoes??