#elf4health Update!!



So things have been busy the last week with the #elf4health challenge!! Elle and Lindsay have done an amazing job hosting this challenge.  And I think i read online that the number of participants is up to 800!! SHOCK!! WHAT!! Talk about leader! oxo!

I have loved doing this challenge to hold myself accountable! I have also loved getting to know my Elf! Alexandra from Loopy for Fruit! (LOVE THE NAME!) She is an amazingly bright young woman, who in my opinion, has an amazing future in front of her! You know when you can read someone through an email?  She exudes energy and just a solid ❤ of gold!  🙂 I am so lucky to have gotten to meet her through this challenge and I have a feeling we will stay in touch post!  At least i hope so! 🙂

So here’s my update so far!!  The first days of #elf4health!

Day 1: Meatless Monday.  Mine was my gigunda salad! Lots of veggies and topped with tahini! My only source of animal protein that day was egg whites.

Day 2: Write a note to a friend… (You saw my previous post about this one)

Day 3: Share a Fitness Routine! I shared Tone It Up’s #Holidayhottie routine!! love this one!!  I was so excited too because I got challenger of the day!!!

Day 4: Take a moment to reflect and meditate.  I love to just sit with the Fumbs during quiet moments.  There is something so soothing about the presence of an animal!

Day 5: A day of Rainbow Eats!!  I actually loved this day.  My fav color to eat is orange! aka Squash!  I ate purple tahini coleslaw, my big squash bowl, and even threw in some of this beautiful pepper into a salad!  Talk about rainbow vegg!

The weekend challenge was to get organized and donate some clothes!  I JUST cleaned out  my stuff before moving here!  So unfortunately, i didn’t have much to donate.  I saw a local pet shelter was taking donations, so we took advantage of that.  I do have a question about shoes?  Anyone have any good recommendations for an alternative to a rack?? My shoes are clumped up into boxes right now!  Ugh being a girl and having too many choices in the footwear.  #girlproblems! 😛

This week!!  Day 7: Fiber Day!!!  I loved this challenge because i am a fiber queen! Each of my meals totaled over 20 grams a meal!! Prob because i throw a little squash into everything!

Day 8! Yesterday, was make your own dressing!  I took Kasey‘s (Powercakes) Tahini nooch sauce and threw in some changes.  I added Apple Cider Vinegar, pumpkin, a dash of coconut aminos, and spiced paprika!  I actually put in a little too much ACV in mine, but there’s always room for improvement.  And well, it was just good for the digestion! 🙂

Today’s challenge was all about sharing.  Now I consider myself a champion of sharing.  Heck, I shared a mama’s very tiny belly with my beautiful sissy for 9 months!! 😛  I made a Dashing Dish Peanut Flour Micro muffin this am and then just split half with Big Steve.  He’s really lure him onto the healthy boat, even if it kills me!

Are you taking part in the #elf4health challenge?

What is your favorite day so far???

Lots of Self Challenges!

Phew, I just realized i’ve been busy this month holding myself accountable!!

First, since 11/1/12, I have been Eating Clean!  Do you eat clean?  I belong to a fabulous team with Beachbody and my Sponsor/Coach, Meg organized an Eat Clean challenge for the entire month for her coaches.  It has been amazing! I post all of my meals each day on the Facebook group!  Phew! It has certainly kept me going.  My only treats were a few bites of tortilla chips, all natural!

Here are a few of my IG shots!

I have LOVED this Challenge because I feel like I can’t cheat! And if i do, even for a small snack, I have a log that it’s okay because I’ve been doing so well!

I also took part in Tone it Up’s #HolidayHottie Challenge!  Karena & Katrina (love them!) put together a challenge for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  It started off with workouts every day the first week, and the second week they posted their 2adays and did the 5 Day Slimdown.  Because of my FRESH move, I still don’t have all my kitchen stuff, so i didn’t take part 100% in the slimdown! Although, I did follow my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! 🙂  It was great!! i definitely tones and flattened right up! Between eating clean and the #Holidayhottie, i definitely feel much better! A LOT less bloated!

These are just a few!!!  There were a LOT!! Now, I must admit, I also continued on with my P90X!  I’m almost done by the way!!!  1 month to go! 😛  But the second week was my “rest” week for P90X, so it was easy to integrate these into the workouts!  It was actually a nice little hybrid.  I love to switch things up.  It keeps things interesting for me.

I also loved this challenge because K&K also asked us to list our Intentions.  We had to map out what our short and long term goals were.  I think this is a fabulous reminder, because while I know what I want to “do”, if I have it documented I am a whole heck of a lot more motivated to do it.  Especially now that I instagramed it!!!

Now onto my next challenge!!!!

I CANNOT wait to participate in this one!! Elle of Nutritionella, and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean have joined forces to keep everyone healthy during the holiday season!

This is going to be a sex week challenge run from Thanksgiving to January.  There will be daily tasks, prizes, newsletters and accountability!  It’s going to be a team challenge for sure!!!  Elle and Lindsay are going to team up “elves” to work together.  Your elf will change through the 6 weeks too.  It is going to be a GREAT way to meet other like minded people out there and network.  Check out either of the blogs listed for more info, or how to sign up.  You don’t need to be a blogger!

I also realized another new group that I’ve been honored to be a part of, and have completely lost track of putting on my page!!  I was accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador a little while ago.  It was such an honor being chosen, and I feel blessed to be included in such a fantastic group of women.

“Sweat Pink Ambassadors live the Fit Approach mission every day: they sweat hard, play hard, and inspire those around them to achieve their best selves.”

Ambassadors have a passion for inspiring others on their journey to a healthy lifestyle!  I am a firm believer that strong is the new skinny, and that women need to be empowered to be beautiful in their own skin!  We don’t need to be rail thin, or look like the models on the magazine covers.  We just need to be us and be happy, while living a fulfilled life including happiness and health!

If you have the same philosophy, you might make a great Ambassador!  You can check out the info on http://www.fitapproach.com/sweat-pink-ambassadors/ They have applications that you can fill out during open acceptance times! Keep your eyes on the blog!  This is a fabulous community for women to feel supported by other women!

And i got some amazing swag!! PS Thank you FitApproach Founders Jamie and Alyse for the super soft tank! and I LOVE my pink laces!! 😛

Do you join into any challenges via the internet?? If so, which ones?

Do you SweatPink?  Or do you belong to another Healthy Group online??


How many burpees can you do for a cause???

I did 28! Drop and give me some burpees for the ta-tas!  I decided to do a challenge for myself with Self Magazine and Tone it Up‘s #LivePink campaign in mind!  On Thursday, I posted to a bunch of sites that each like I got on my personal facebook page equaled 1 burpee.  My theory was that if women can struggle day in and day out with their diagnoses than I can do some burpees.  It’s not easy for them, and burpees aren’t easy!  It was a self challenge.  It ended on Sunday, and I got 14 likes.  Well I can do 14 burpees, so I decided that it was going to be 2 burpees for each like.  I think in all i did about 30 burpees.

Here’s my first vlog!

Did you do anything in awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ie Walk?

How many burpees did you do?

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

One of the reasons that I joined the social network, like Beachbody and Tone It Up, was to expand my network of like-minded people.  I have a small social circle, and most of my best friends live far away from me.  I have been so fortunate in a short amount of time to meet some amazing, creative and motivating women!!

I was so fortunate to meet a beautiful new friend, Heather, a follow Tone It Upper from CA. We are bi-coastal, but have bonded over our drive to help motivate and encourage other people to get healthy!  That’s all it takes, is one small idea! And a friendship growS!! 🙂

We have joined forces for the last two week… we got together over our boiling pots and wrote a spell for your fitness success!!  Give us 15 days! That’s it!! and we will work with you to succeed.

We have also done this with the focus on our Tone it Up girls and Self Magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, #LivePInk

I just heard that the United States over 8 million dollars on Halloween! Phew!!! That’s a lot of pumpkinS!! So wouldn’t you want to spend your money on an amazing costume and feel CONFIDENT in it??

If you’re interested in more information, please comment below!!

What has been your favorite Halloween Costume so far??

Foam Roll it UP!!!

Happy Monday!

Another week begins.  ::sigh:: i must confess that I did not participate in P90X StretchX for my     Day 6.  My body was hurting.  Plus, I think after throwing my back out earlier in the week I was a bit more hesitant.  So… I decided to FOAM ROLL instead!!!  Have you ever used a foam roller??

Well, here is a little background for you!

Wikipedia defines Foam rolling as a self-myofaicial release technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles.  This form of stretching utilizes the concept of autogenic inhibition to improve soft tissues extensibility, thus relaxing the muscle and allowing the activation of the antagonist muscle.

Did that make sense to you?  Okay.  So a Foam Roller is a foam cylinder, kind of like the pool toys but shorter, wider and more firm!  You can purchase them at most fitness stores, and now Walmart and Target.  They do come in differing firmness’. I had one that was WAY too firm and then had to replace it for a softer variety.  They also make ones now that remind me of the Adidas Sandals with all of the little bumps coming off of it! 😛 Oh you KNOW you had a pair!!!

I love the foam roller because I can’t A. Afford to get a massage and B. really need a massage!  It basically provides a ‘massage’ to your soft tissues.  You use your own bodyweight to apply pressure to sore spots.  And believe me, you know when you hit a sore spot!  You simply use the roller to apply pressure to sensitive areas of the muscle and then hold it for a few seconds on that spot.  You can pretty much use the foam roller for any part of your body!  It’s amazing!!

So when and how do you roll?  I have heard recommendations to roll before and after a workout.  Actually, I came to hear about the foam roller through runners!  I’m not a runner, but I still enjoy the benefits.  If you roll before you exercise, you can help to decrease muscle density making your warm up more beneficial.  After, can help with your recovery.  I foam roll at least 2-3 time a week for about 10 minutes. I usually do it after a long day when i’m watching tv. How?  I have attached a fabulous link from Bodybuilding.com that can guide you through exercises for each of your muscle groups.

The routine I did on Saturday was the Tone It Up Routine!  Have I mentioned that I love these girls! They show you all facets of fitness! They have an instructional video on their site, but also a follow guide.

Here’s my representation of their program

aaaaaannndd… BEcause, well, I’m not the Pros here are the handouts!

I LOVED the shoulder ones at the end!!!  You can completely feel the muscles in the middle and sides of your back when you’re opening and closing your arms and then doing the snow angels!

It’s my cheapy version of a massage, and it’s here to stay!!

Have you ever used a foam roller before?

If you have, what’s your favorite “roll”??