#elf4health Update!!



So things have been busy the last week with the #elf4health challenge!! Elle and Lindsay have done an amazing job hosting this challenge.  And I think i read online that the number of participants is up to 800!! SHOCK!! WHAT!! Talk about leader! oxo!

I have loved doing this challenge to hold myself accountable! I have also loved getting to know my Elf! Alexandra from Loopy for Fruit! (LOVE THE NAME!) She is an amazingly bright young woman, who in my opinion, has an amazing future in front of her! You know when you can read someone through an email?  She exudes energy and just a solid ❤ of gold!  🙂 I am so lucky to have gotten to meet her through this challenge and I have a feeling we will stay in touch post!  At least i hope so! 🙂

So here’s my update so far!!  The first days of #elf4health!

Day 1: Meatless Monday.  Mine was my gigunda salad! Lots of veggies and topped with tahini! My only source of animal protein that day was egg whites.

Day 2: Write a note to a friend… (You saw my previous post about this one)

Day 3: Share a Fitness Routine! I shared Tone It Up’s #Holidayhottie routine!! love this one!!  I was so excited too because I got challenger of the day!!!

Day 4: Take a moment to reflect and meditate.  I love to just sit with the Fumbs during quiet moments.  There is something so soothing about the presence of an animal!

Day 5: A day of Rainbow Eats!!  I actually loved this day.  My fav color to eat is orange! aka Squash!  I ate purple tahini coleslaw, my big squash bowl, and even threw in some of this beautiful pepper into a salad!  Talk about rainbow vegg!

The weekend challenge was to get organized and donate some clothes!  I JUST cleaned out  my stuff before moving here!  So unfortunately, i didn’t have much to donate.  I saw a local pet shelter was taking donations, so we took advantage of that.  I do have a question about shoes?  Anyone have any good recommendations for an alternative to a rack?? My shoes are clumped up into boxes right now!  Ugh being a girl and having too many choices in the footwear.  #girlproblems! 😛

This week!!  Day 7: Fiber Day!!!  I loved this challenge because i am a fiber queen! Each of my meals totaled over 20 grams a meal!! Prob because i throw a little squash into everything!

Day 8! Yesterday, was make your own dressing!  I took Kasey‘s (Powercakes) Tahini nooch sauce and threw in some changes.  I added Apple Cider Vinegar, pumpkin, a dash of coconut aminos, and spiced paprika!  I actually put in a little too much ACV in mine, but there’s always room for improvement.  And well, it was just good for the digestion! 🙂

Today’s challenge was all about sharing.  Now I consider myself a champion of sharing.  Heck, I shared a mama’s very tiny belly with my beautiful sissy for 9 months!! 😛  I made a Dashing Dish Peanut Flour Micro muffin this am and then just split half with Big Steve.  He’s really lure him onto the healthy boat, even if it kills me!

Are you taking part in the #elf4health challenge?

What is your favorite day so far???

Pinterest testing!

I’ve been a member of Pinterest for a while now!  I remember everyone saying they had to be on a waiting list!  I was so confused, I must have gotten an account early on!??

If i could make a career of pinning, I would!  I love it!! I have boards for gluten and dairy free stuff, decor, products, and crafts.  You can follow my board at Eiren !

I was a little bored yesterday afternoon, and rather than go out and spend $$, I decided to use what I have and make some things!!  No baking, still scares me!

First up was my second attempt at Laura @Sprint2theTable‘s Cauliflower Crust.  I’ve had good luck with Caralyn’s @GlutenFreeHappyTummy version.  However, when I saw that Kasey @Powercakes did one with Coconut flour, i had to test it again!  My first trial with coconut flour was a big flop!  Broke right apart.  This time, we had success!!!

If it looks green, it’s because I used green cauliflower.  My question… why is there green cauliflower?  Isn’t that the equivalent of broccoli?? Oh well, I bought it anyways!



Loved this!! I didn’t end up using it as a pizza crust because I like to dip it like an old school breadstick!  OOOH side note: that’s the one thing I miss from college.  Not caring about what you ate at 1 am, and that included breadsticks from Dominos!!!  Dipped in anything!  Oh dear!  okay, back to healthy food that’s ALLOWED on my gluten/dairy free lifestyle!!

My second recipe attempt was also a third attempt!  Caralyn @GlutenFreeHappyTummy made Cauliflower cupcakes.  The first time I made these, they worked great, but stuck to the pan a little.  I also made them with protein powder in place of the almond meal.  Second time, I accidentally left them in the oven and then turned the broiler on. Whoops.  Just a little beyond my usual crispy likes!  This time, I decided to PAY ATTENTION and use cupcake liners.  FINALLY!!!!  I also followed the recipe and used almond flour!



My third recipe was a new one!! I saw this yesterday morning and it looked SO good!!!  I love quinoa because it’s not a grain! xoxo!!  Heart Protein!!  And I LOVE, LOVE LOVE sweet potatoes!! I probably eat too many of them?? Oh well!!  I saw these Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes on Danielle’s Clean Food Creative Fitness Blog.  It caught my eye because she mentioned the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  Have you heard of Karena and Katrina?? LOVE them! So Inspiring!!  I have been using the TIU plan for the last few years.  I’ve had great success, but have slacked a little with Meal 5.  Did I say i liked sweet potato?? Well these sweet potato cakes looked yummy, and I had all the ingredients!!

I think I used a potato that was larger than normal, because I got about 8 patties.  I also have a great tip for quinoa!  Do you always burn your quinoa on the bottom of the pan??  Place 1 Part Quinoa, 2 part liquid in pan, boil for 5 minutes, turn off the burner, cover and leave there for 15 minutes! Perfectly fluffy Quinoa!



These were delicious!!! i would recommend them to anyone!!!!  🙂  Thank you DaniellE!

My last attempt was my lunch!!  I love Kristin @Stuftmama‘s blog!  First, because she’s a mom of twins!!  And second because her recipes are amazing!!!  I have tried her “Goo” before, and LOVE IT!!!  This recipe was for her Flatout Bowl but I used a gluten free Rudi’s Tortilla!  It’s really easy!!  Cinnamon, Tortilla and oven= genius!  I added my own version of her “Goo” with Kabocha squash, SunWarrior Vegan Protein Powder, cranberries, a chopped Crimson Crisp apple, and a dash of oriental 5 spice.



This meal was amazing!!!!  Healthy and so yummy! It was like fall in a shell!! 🙂  Plus, can I just give props to Rudis!  Finally a gluten free wrap that’s not over 150 calories!!!

Are you a Pinner??? 

Do you Pin and never make anything???